Building video for developers

Thanks for learning more about Daily. Our goal is to build video APIs that inspire and support developers. We believe live video is changing how we all live and work — and it should be much simpler, and faster, for developers and product teams to build creatively with video.

Daily was founded in 2016 by Kwindla Hultman Kramer and Nina Kuruvilla. Our entire team has a long track record of shipping technology at scale to customers ranging from Fortune 100 companies to high-growth startups. We bring decades of experience building video applications, libraries, and infrastructure.

Our team is entirely remote and wields emojis with abandon. If you love video, new and innovative applications, and large-scale systems development (and if you value kindness, diversity, and emojis), please consider joining us!


We're grateful to be working with our investors, who believed early in video and our mission.

  • Aston Motes
  • April Underwood
  • David Eckstein
  • Elizabeth Weil, Kevin Weil
  • Ellen Levy
  • Eric Cohen
  • Jeff Seibert, Wayne Chang
  • Michael Stoppelman
  • Rahul Vohra, Todd Goldberg
  • Sarah Imbach
  • Scott Belsky

Built remotely

Pre COVID we were distributed with an SF HQ above one of the best bookshops in San Francisco, Green Apple on 9th. We're now entirely remote.

We're hiring!

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