The 1-click, WebRTC video API

Build your own always-on video call portal

With 2 lines of code, our API makes it easy for anyone to add live stream video chat to any site or app. Developers can control how the call looks and works with our API's powerful libraries.

We now support more always-on!

Our team built the first TV always-on system, with auto-join for big screens. And now, we've broadened our support — with our API — so that anyone can add an always-on portal to their website. Check out this blog post to learn how to get started.

The goal of our API is to give teams more control. You can add a portal to your products dashboard, easily customize the UI, and more. Read the blog post, and start building! TV Always-On

Support remotes

Quickly connect

Build team culture

Secure dashboards

It's easy to create your own portal

Add live stream in minutes
Just 2 lines of code gives you a ready-to-go live stream
Powerful controls
Developers can extensively build the workflows your company needs, with our front-end and REST API libraries.
1-click, no download
Just click on your link to join. It works right inside a browser, with no download security risks.
Easily customize the UI
Designers and developers can customize the video chat UI with just JS and CSS.
Recording, screen sharing and more
Your portal link has prebuilt features like dual screen sharing, chat, and more.
Developers and IT can configure workflows for your enterprise dashboard needs.
Multidevice & cross-browser
Join your live stream link on computer and phone. Contact us to learn about TV support.
Global infrastructure
Our global infrastructure provides a better call experience for your customers, wherever they are in the world.
Team locking
Right in your dashboard, you can configure your link so only team members can join.
256 bit encryption
Our API is built on top of WebRTC standards and its mandatory encryption. All media streams are encrypted using DTLS, 256-bit AES.
Read the blog postView developer docs

Current hardware customers FAQ

I'm a TV hardware customer. Do you support the hardware still?

Yes! Please contact us, should you have any other questions for us to answer.

I have your hardware (black box). Do I need to use the API now?

No! You can use your TV hardware just as before.

How do I get another system? 

Please contact us, we are happy to help.

API for always-on FAQ

I know a little bit of HTML. How do I use the API to create an always-on?

Read this blog post. We make it as easy as possible with just 2 lines of code to get started.

I need more developer controls.

Sure thing. Check out our full API docs. Developers have programmatic control.

I'm looking for always-on TV hardware.

Please email or chat with us!

I have more questions, how can I get help?

Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Create your portal

Set up a secure live stream in minutes!