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Get better always-on, with autojoin TV helps distributed teams stay connected, with a friction-free always- on big screen and TV system. Our auto-join make the portal no hassle, so your team builds relationships and culture even as you grow.

Simple setup TV is everything you need to set up a big screen portal. Anyone can set it up in minutes. No tech expertise is required to set up a TV live stream.

Flexible use cases

Your always-on can link TVs. Or you also can have remotes drop-in. Learn more about always-on use cases.

Unique auto-join

As easy as possible. Just plug in the system, and the TV auto-joins the portal. There's no login, no typing or clicking.  Keep it as simple as possible for your teammates.

Staying connected is always a challenge, and it's harder as you add locations and remote teammates. Always-on portals help solve this. It's a live ongoing stream between locations, so teammates can see different offices, and talk on a big screen. Learn how remotes can drop-in, too.

Our hardware customers started asking us for video calls that stay open. Everyone emphasized it had to be easy as possible. So we built TV, with always on. It sets up in minutes. Your teammates just plug it in. The TV auto-joins a meeting link, and stays connected. TV Always-On

How always-on is easier, with autojoin TV device

Plug in

Simply plug in your TV hardware. It will power up and begin to automatically join your always-on portal. TV Always-on Loading Screen


After your system boots, the TV shows a 15-second countdown. You don't do anything. The TV then autoloads the portal. Read our blog post on how it works.

Secure, reliable dedicated hardware TV Hardware TV is dedicated hardware specifically designed for video conferencing. Because it's a dedicated device, our operating system is designed for custom scenarios, like always-on portals. When your team sets up a TV, your portal is secure. In the background we ship, guaranteed and secure firmware updates to all devices.

Our hardware does not get in the way of other video conferencing tools, that you may use, as well. Simply setup connect our hardware to its own TV. TV device

Dedicated device

Firmware specifically architected for video calling. Learn more.
Logitech camera

HD camera

90 degree field of view. Or plug in any webcam. Learn more.
Jabra 410

External speaker/microphone

A noise-canceling speaker you can move. Learn more.
Learn more about the hardware

Why companies pick TV for always-on

No pain sales

We're happy to chat, but you don't have to. It's easy to ship to locations worldwide.

Ready-to-go system

Don't waste time putting together a system. We test and guarantee a smoothly functioning system.


Your portal is secure with our seamless security updates. We take care of it so you don't worry.

No hassle autojoin

The TV simply autojoins your portal. Your colleagues don't have to type or click.


The system doesn't get in the way of your other video conferencing. You aren't taking on new software or forcing your team to sign up.

Smart pricing

Always-on works with our clear flat pricing. Stream unlimited, with no minutes cap. Know what you pay.

Reliable partner

Our team has more then ten years experience building telepresence for Fortune 100 companies and governments.

Great support

We are ready to help! Your team can contact us anytime, via chat or email. We take care of issues.

Smarter, flexible billing

Affordable pricing

$600/system one-time hardware purchase. $50/month service fee.

Guaranteed purchase

Learn about our 60-day no risk refund window for hardware purchases.

Flexible service

The only hardware with monthly billing. Cancel monthly service anytime.

Learn about TV pricing

Procurement is easier, too

We aim to make every part of video calling easier, and that includes ordering. Just click and go, with no required sales call. While we'd love to talk, you don't have to.

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