The easiest way to add video calls

The video calling API makes it easy to add 1-click video chats to any product, website, or mobile app — in minutes, not hours. Developers can build advanced features with ease. We take care of video calls, so you can focus on your business.

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No hassle — it's just a few lines of code.

Create and manage video calls

Use this one API call

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" \
     -XPOST \

…and seamlessly manage rooms.

Embed calls in your product

Insert this 1 line of code…

<iframe allow="camera; microphone; autoplay"

…to embed a call like this

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How the API stands out

Keep it as simple as possible for your users. Customers simply click on a link to join. There's no app or software download. Users do not have to create an account. On mobile, users don't have to download an app.

Our API builds on top of WebRTC tech, an open source, and secure platform, backed by major companies like Google, Cisco and Amazon.

Go to market with a complete, polished UI. You don't have to lose valuable dev and design time building out a UI for video calls. The UI in our API has been used for tens of millions of call minutes by people in dozens of countries.

A simple <iframe>:  with just one additional line of code you can drop a finished UI right into your front-end product. Don't open a new window for video calls. Keep your customers inside your own product, boost in-app time, and create a cohesive experience.</iframe>

Calls with 4 or fewer guests are peer-to-peer, and encrypted end-to-end. Read about our peer-to-peer architecture here.

Be responsive to your customers. With, you can reference and link to our open help articles.

1:1 or group
Up to 50 people can join a call, with a recommended 6 cameras on at a time.
1-click to join meetings on both computers and phones.
Best-in-class support of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.
Dual screen sharing
Share resources with customers and clients.
Configurable recording functionality. 
Option to remove the 'Powered by' branding from UI.
Custom domain
Set up meeting links on your own custom domain.
Contact us.
HIPAA compliant

Proven, secure, scalable infrastructure

  • Fully encrypted small calls
  • 256-bit encrypted large calls
  • 24/7 monitoring

Our API is built on our expertise with video infrastructure, WebRTC, and UX/UI. Our dev team experience includes building video conferencing products for Fortune 100 teams like Boeing and GE.

Check out our blog for detailed posts about our infrastructure and API.

Why companies choose

Best-in-class developer experience

The API is the most flexible way to go to market with video calls. Just a few lines of code give you production-quality calls in your product. You can add advanced features as needed.

Polished UI

Use a market-proven UI. You can hit the ground running with a UI that's used millions of call minutes each month, by people in dozens of countries.

Save time, focus and money

Hit your KPIs and product deliverables. You can stay focused on your mission because we take care of video. You save valuable sprint time, dropping in video while streamlining dev costs.

Reliable partner

Our team has been building video conferencing and telepresence systems for more than two decades. We have extensive experience in large-scale cloud architecture and high-secrurity systems. We know how to work with both Fortune 100 companies and with startups.

Clear and affordable pricing

Know what you pay. Too many communication APIs have pricing that's confusing. We're different. (Check out our free tier, too, for early stage companies.)

Demo an API call

We created a fake app to help showcase what is possible with our API. Open the demo and try:

  • Starting a live video call
  • Inviting someone to the call
  • Responsive layouts
Open Demo

Know what you pay

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