Big changes at

Saying goodbye to our basic calls, and hello to an expanding API

See a list of video chat apps


We're making product changes at We're now focused on our API, which is a tool for developers to build video chat. Our goal is to support the teams creating amazing new apps for you.

  • This means we're ending our basic calls product, which was our free software. You can read the announcement to our basic call users here.
  • Are you looking for neat video calling tools? See a list below.

To all our users, thank you. We hope our API inspires developers, who are building more — and delightful — video calling for you, and users everywhere.

Kwin and Nina, for everyone at

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A list of video calling tools

Here are some neat tools, taking new approaches to video. Check back for new additions!

  • Berlocks helps you hit your goals. It uses video calls to connect you with friends for accountability.
  • Civic Dinners brings people together for conversations that matter. Join virtual conversations.
  • Focusmate is a virtual co-working app that helps you get things done.
  • InstantVisio is a video chat tool for nurses, caregivers and families impacted by COVID. If you're building a free solution to help with the pandemic, we're glad to help! Contact us.
  • Kinoko Chat is an easy and secure way for families to video chat through the TV. They're accepting a limited amount of beta reservations, for their TV box. Reserve yours today.
  • Screen is fast screen sharing with multiplayer drawing, control & video, from the cofounder of ScreenHero.
  • Standuply automates management systems via Slack, like asynchronous reports, and also brings experienced mentors on board to challenge your team.
  • Tandem is a virtual office for remote teams. See, talk to and collaborate with your teams with 1-click.

This is a short list, focused on consumer and core video calling apps. Do you have specific needs? There are new tools, across industries — real estate, learning apps, customer support, local business platforms, virtual events, customer support, telehealth and more. Fill out this form, to let us know what you're looking for.