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Start and join free video chats that work in your browser. Get fully custom links — like — with dual screen sharing, large group calls, recording and more. Meetings can be easier!

No download, no login

Your guests just click. There's no download, no login, and no account required to join a video conference.

Great features

Your custom video call links work across browsers, with mobile, chat, screen shares, and more.

Clean design

Video calls don't have to be clunky. Our calls emphasize a clean look and feel, so your meetings are polished.

Just click to start a call — no downloads


Sign up for custom links like Or use our Slack and Google Calendar integrations.


Copy and send your meeting link to your guests.


Open your link to join. Learn about browser support here.

We've been building video calls for 20 years, and have best-in-class features

  • 1-click
  • Recording*
  • Mobile
  • Screen shares*
  • Chat

**API supports 200 people. Mute cams.

Why happy users choose

Design polish

Use a tool that doesn't get in the way. Our customers prefer our streamlined UI and clean design.


Calls with 4 or fewer are peer-to-peer with end-to-end encryption (and all calls are encrypted). Learn about p2p.

Save time

Our no download links are no hassle, and save time. You can start calls in seconds.

Cross browser support

Our calls include best-in-class browser support. Chrome, Safari, Android Chrome, iOS Safari, and Edge.

Save money

Our basic calls are 100% free. Our paying product is our API, which lets you add your video calls to your own site or product.

Add to your own site!

It's really easy to add your link to your own website, with our iframe. This is our paid API product — learn more.

100% free, with API upgrades

Basic calls are free

Basic video calls

100% Free

Start fast, no friction

Custom links

Dual screen sharing

Mobile support

Locking and teams

And more!

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Daily - A personal URL for all your video calls | Product Hunt Embed
Daily - A personal URL for all your video calls | Product Hunt Embed