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Get 1-click video calls with speed and power is your own custom subdomain — like — with unlimited fully custom rooms, recording, mobile and more. Our best-in-class power is ingeniously simple, so you can work from anywhere. 

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Truly 1-click

Your guests don't have to create an account, and there's no software download. Start a call easily and get off on the right step. Our goal is a happier experience that also saves time and money.

Best-in-class features's streamlined clean design packs in key features that help you make the most of remote opportunities – like local recording and dual screen shares in Chrome.

Scale in a snap

You can set up an entire team in seconds, and scale with no hassle. eliminates IT or admin overhead – there are no seat fees or licenses to administer. No more sharing logins!

How browser calls work


Sign up free and create a custom link,


Just send your link to your guests


Just open your link to join. Learn about browser support here

Best-in-class features, so your team can work from anywhere

*Requires Chrome

  • 1-click
  • Unlimited rooms
  • Recording*
  • Mobile
  • Dial-in
  • No time fees
  • 50 person*
    with smart mute
  • More browsers
  • Teams
  • Locking
  • See more

What our fans have to say

Seth Goodell
Service Team Lead
Dynamic Edge

We work in the IT world. Our office depends on knowing whether or not a team member is available. has been a huge help in keeping our team in touch with each other, and the easy always on connection takes the guess work out of who is around and who isn't. Their support has also been incredibly responsive to any questions we've had.

Frances Coronel
Software Engineering Mentor, Thinkful just works and this makes my life a lot easier. I provide mentorship part-time to aspiring developers for an online coding bootcamp. To stay more productive and spend less time on logistics, I've integrated with Calendly. Having both provides a seamless workflow for scheduling and the meeting itself. The easy virtual meetings have been a real lifesaver.

Tami Hultman
Chief Strategy Officer,

As a global online news organization with offices across Africa and in Washington DC, we rely on to tie our dispersed editorial staff into an efficient unit that works together across borders. The ability to have as many video conference lines as we need boosts what we can do.

Why happy customers choose

Clean design

Use a tool that doesn't get in the way. Our customers prefer our streamlined UI and clean windows.


Calls with 4 or fewer are peer-to-peer with end-to-end encryption (and all calls are encrypted). Learn about p2p.

Save time

Our 1-click tech and no seat fees approach are designed for a no-hassle experience that saves time.

Best pricing

It's really free on computers and phones — no seat fees. We charge for our paid products, our API and TV hardware.

Reliable partner

Our team has over two decades experience building systems for Fortune 100 companies. is used on millions of call minutes across the globe.

Easy power

We make great features, like recording and best-in-class browser support, really easy.

Simple pricing is priced affordably

Browser calls

100% Free

Set up and scale in seconds, with no friction

Unlimited links

No seat fees


Dual screen sharing

And more

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Add-on Intercom Messenger

Upgrade to the Intercom Messenger app for: auto-recording in Intercom Messenger video calls, plus custom meeting links.

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