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Screen sharing and spatial audio at scale with Daily


Improvement in screen share time to load

1 week

Time saved prototyping (vs. Agora)

<24 hours

Daily support team response time
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After becoming the number one product of the day on Product Hunt, Reslash quickly realized that their video solution, Jitsi, would not scale to meet their needs. Reslash chose to replace Jitsi with Daily, which offered performant screen share and spatial audio, high quality docs, and transparent pricing.

We love the product — Daily has given us the flexibility to scale our business as a boot-strapped startup, which is incredibly hard.”

Ashwin Gupta, CEO and founder, Reslash


  • Reslash, a “virtual estate platform,” reimagines how we spend time and interact in the virtual-first world. Users can design and hang out in spaces customized to their precise needs, from game nights with friends to full-scale concerts.
  • As a small team, Reslash had limited resources to dedicate to video calling. As their CEO Ashwin Gupta says, “that's the whole point of having a third-party API, that you do not think about audio and video.


Reslash is focused on how to best engage their community of creators. From the start, the Reslash team imagined a platform that could host enormous events, with spatial audio and video at its core. The team started out using Jitsi as their live video solution, but quickly ran into issues. “Jitsi [our prior solution] did not scale with our needs at all,” Gupta says. Specific pain points included:

  • Screen sharing became choppy and very slow to load, producing a less than stellar experience for the end users.
  • “The API did not have the flexibility that we needed to pull off spatial audio and video. We had stability issues.” — Ashwin Gupta, CEO, Reslash.
  • The docs were also not as comprehensive as they had hoped.
  • Support could not provide helpful answers when Reslash reached out. 

Evaluating other APIs 

The Reslash team started to evaluate and even prototype a variety of different solutions, but each had their own set of challenges or limitations:

  • Agora’s pricing depended on resolution quality, which made it impossible to predict costs ahead of time. This had knock-on effects on business decisions — for example, choosing whether to limit resolution for users on the platform.
  • Smaller competitors were deemed as non-viable options due to sub-par documentation. 
“With Daily, we got easy prototyping, open communication, and transparent pricing — all without any restriction on video quality."

Ashwin Gupta, CEO and founder, Reslash

Switching to Daily

  • Reslash started building a prototype with Daily, which they were able to get up and running in one-week’s less time compared to other tools being tested.
  • When they reached out to Daily’s support team, they got responses to questions within 24 hours — even before becoming a paid customer.
  • The team started to see noticeable improvements in video quality right away: with Jitsi it had taken 10 seconds to enter a call and 10-12 seconds to start a screen share, whereas with Daily it was virtually instantaneous.
  • Reslash’s entire app is now based on Daily, even as the company has scaled its users, customers and revenue.

Why Reslash chose Daily

  • High-quality docs — “We were looking for a platform that provided extensive docs. When you're expecting one person to kind of pull off the entire app, you need to provide them all the help that they need and provide insight into how everything works so that they're able to build the proper user experience.”
  • Ease of use — “We were able to get it up and running a lot faster than the other solutions we tried. Our CTO felt very comfortable with the API as well.”
  • Performance  — “The screen share quality of Daily and the start time was incredibly fast compared to others.”
  • Simplified pricing — “Daily had simplified pricing. From a pricing standpoint, we knew what our usage was so we knew what to expect.”
  • Excellent support — Reslash gets access to the Daily team when they run into issues. “We got 80 - 90% of what we needed from the docs, and the last 10% we got from the support team.”
  • Call quality and reliability — “With Daily, we don't have to worry about limiting an experience [because of cost]. We were able to focus on just providing high-quality video and audio to everyone.”
“We can define our roadmap and set customer expectations with Daily. The relationship runs on trust, transparency, and clear communication. This is something Daily nails.”

Ashwin Gupta, CEO and founder, Reslash

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