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Daily Startup Program

Add video calls. Grow your startup.

Daily provides everything developers need to integrate audio and video call features into your app. Daily’s startup program gives startups up to $1,000 to get started — plus 12 months of support to help you grow.

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Daily Startup Program

$1,000 free credit and dedicated support to build video and grow your product

Grow faster with Daily’s startup program. Qualifying startups get $1,000 free credit, plus resources and community to support your growth.

Early stage support

Pre Series A startups founded in the last 5 years qualify. All you need is a website, or partner program/incubator membership.

Fast & easy to apply

Upgrade to a Launch or Scale plan, and fill out a quick form — we’ll credit you up to $1,000. Credit is good for a year.

Supporting success

Startup program members also benefit from dedicated support, product resources, and sample apps to get you started.

More ways to add video.
Fewer lines of code.


Daily Prebuilt: Add polished, powerful calls in minutes

Daily Prebuilt lets you add a polished, customizable call interface — with prebuilt recording, HD screen sharing, and a precall lobby — with just two lines of code.

Custom UX: Rapidly build unique video experiences

Build your own custom video UI/UX, with our lower-level APIs and client libraries. You can rapidly build features like breakout rooms and spatial audio.


It only took us a few minutes to embed a test call in our application.

Mike Galanos, CTO

Our startup customers build rich video and audio experiences across every use case.

We invest in high-quality resources and provide support to all our customers — especially our startup customers. Get started quickly with demo apps and sample code.


Build breakout rooms & control call performance in busy rooms with our track subscriptions API. Add spatial audio for a lifelike sound experience.


Build for 1:1 or group classes for up to 100,000 participants. Add teacher controls, breakout rooms, & “raise your hand.” Integrate with LMS, platforms. Record & live stream.


Optimized defaults include echo control, noise suppression, & AGC. Control bitrate, sample rate, & more, in stereo, with music mode. Build spatial audio for lifelike sound.


Build webinar apps, virtual offices, networking platforms, virtual coworking, HR & recruiting solutions, & more.


No expensive BAA fees — you can embed affordable HIPAA compliant calls in minutes, with just 4 lines of code. We’ll sign a BAA.


Build multi-camera set ups, breakout rooms, & teacher controls. Optimize audio with music mode. Record & live stream.

Dedicated to startup success

As a YC company, Daily is rooted in startup culture, and excited to help the next generation of video products grow. Daily’s startup program is open to early-stage companies that have not previously used Daily startup credits, and that meet the following criteria:

  • Founded in the last 5 years
  • Website or partner program
  • Have not raised a Series A
  • Upgraded Daily account (we refund you)

Simply sign up for a Daily account and upgrade to our Launch or Scale plan, depending on what’s best for you. We’ll refund you and credit your account. Your credits are good for a year.

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Test a live Daily video call from your browser

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Why startups choose Daily

Better call quality

We’ve optimized calls for real world networks. Get automatic bandwidth management, smooth P2P/cloud switching, and more.

Build faster with Daily

You can get started with Prebuilt with a few lines of code. We’re always adding video features and support resources so you build and ship fast.

Great resources & support

We’re here to help! Developers rely on our quality docs, sample code, and tutorials. And we offer free support — for all customers.


Advanced developer features

Build flexibly. Developers access our lower-level APIs and client libraries. Contact us for preview API features.

Reliable, global infrastructure

Infrastructure custom-built for real-time calls, with < 200 ms or better latency. We’ve delivered an historic 99.99+ uptime.

Security & HIPAA

SOC-2 certified, enterprise-ready, with GDPR-compliant data. Enable affordable HIPAA compliance — just 4 lines of code.

  • 100,000 person calls
  • 14+ language localization
  • 3 types of recording
  • Live text chat
  • Download chat history
  • HD screen sharing
  • Call quality visualizations
  • Audio-only
  • User layout switching
  • Thoughtful error handling
  • Permission screens
  • Cross-browser support
  • Startup program & credits
  • Bandwidth management
  • Knock to join calls
  • Sample code & apps
  • User AV controls
  • RTMP output
  • Help material templates
  • SOC 2
  • GDPR
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • AES 256-encryption

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