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Easily add 1-click video calls to your Intercom Messenger. has more features and and the best process — agents don't even need to sign up. In minutes, you can enhance your customer support.

Scale friction-free

Your agents do not need to sign up for Set up, and scale up in seconds. There are no seat fees.

Customers just click

No downloads and no accounts needed to join your calls. Just send a video call to your customers.

Auto-record upgrade is the only video calling product with auto-recording built in. Just ask us about upgrading.

Every customer matters, and talking face-to-face can make all the difference to customer support. The Intercom Messanger app makes video calls incredibly easy, for both you and your customers, so you can get more out of Intercom.

Video helps you hit your support and sales goals

Talk directly, to save time and money. Cutting out back and forth helps your team be more productive. As helpful as chat and email are, video is unique in that it is both personal and efficient.

Meet your customers! Simply talking face-to-face can give you different insights. In real time, you can see what ideas and concepts resonate with your users. You also can hear them talk. Your ability to listen can transform your trajectory.

Gain insights from key information. Recordings can simplify a whole range of interactions – billing questions, sales followups, support details. Set up with auto-recording so it’s a seamless process, for consistent benefits.

You invest a lot of resources training your time. Close your loop and do it in a way that’s smart. Instead of not knowing what works, analyze the customer engagements of your must successful teammates. Figure out what isn’t working and help teammates who need to improve. Hiring new teammates takes an incredible amount of time and energy, so you want to make the most of your team resources.

Customer support can make or break a brand. Give your team the best toolkit possible.

No agent account needed

Get your agents set up in seconds. They only need the Intercom app. No accounts required.

Just click

No downloads or accounts required. Just send a video call link to your customers.

No account to join call

No matter what kind of links you use, your customers are not asked to create an account.

Embed or open in tab

Control the display settings of each call. Your agent can embed the call inside Intercom, or opt to have the it open in a new tab.

1:1 or group

Every link supports up to 50 people. It's easy to invite colleagues — or other customers — to calls that are opened in a new tab.

Best-in-class browser support

We support the top browser. Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge; plus Android Chrome and iOS Safari. Learn more.

Screen sharing

Using Chrome, your agents can screen share in any call. Choose to start calls in a tab, and your customers can screen share, too.


Customers can click links in iOS Safari or Android Chrome, for calls with 4 or fewer.

Why teams choose for Intercom Messenger

Save time and money
Get the benefits of video calling with minimal overhead. As an organization, your entire support infrastructure is up and running in seconds with We don't make you sign up, or pay for the free basic calls. Our premium calls offer unmatched features that you can rely on.
Fight churn, build loyalty
Impress your customers with your responsiveness. Talk directly, and create a personal relationship so your customers are loyal. It's better to keep a customer – and necessary in competitive environments. Make sure your customers know you're listening, and appreciate them.
Get more out of Intercom
You've invested in your support and sales through Intercom. The lets you multiply your gains. Video calls help boost customer satisfaction. Critically, auto-recording can can you that essential insight into what's working, or not. Stop working in the dark, and learn more about

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