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Build live video into your Telehealth product in minutes

Discover how leading healthcare teams deliver high-quality HIPAA-compliant video experiences with Daily’s WebRTC API Platform.

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It only took us a week to get video up and running and integrated on our platform. To be able to do that, and with HIPAA-compliance, is pretty amazing.

Zach Jordan, CEO of Easy EMDR

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Designed for compliance

An industry leader in compliance architecture, Daily is built from the ground up to enable compliance. Our affordable HIPAA package includes a signed BAA and high-touch, experienced support.

Our architecture adopts a privacy-default ethos. Read a detailed technical post by our CEO Kwin. Developers can review our docs HIPAA guide.

We are also compliant with the EU GDPR, and aim to be compliant with regulatory frameworks worldwide. Contact us to discuss your needs.


Features for quality care and innovation

Embeddable UI, compliance-enabled

Quickly add Daily Prebuilt, a fully supported hosted video call, in just 4 lines of code. Learn about its out-of-the-box features like chat and screen sharing. It’s easy to customize colors, for your brand. Ask support to enable compliance.

Custom video call UI / video SDKs

You also can rapidly build your own custom video calling interface. Developers can use our docs, guides and tutorials, and sample code repositories to build efficiently. Ask us to enable compliance.

Custom telehealth pricing

Get pricing tailored for healthcare. Test free with 10,000 minutes each month. Our P2P minute rates start at $.0015, and we offer volume discounts.

Global Infrastructure

Use our automatic least-path network routing, or control what regions host each of your sessions.

Call Quality

Reduce no-shows and deliver the highest quality. Get automatic bandwidth management that optimizes for real-world network conditions. Plus the industry’s best APIs to configure simulcast and peer-to-peer bandwidth targets.

Session analytics

Powerful, in-dashboard visualizations and data help you monitor call quality and performance. Get metrics on virtual visit attendance and completion to understand user engagement.


Choose the mobile support suited to your strategy. We support mobile web: users just click in iOS Safari and Android Chrome (no download needed). Or learn about our React Native and native mobile support.


Democratize access, and give patients flexible, convenient ways to join. Contact us to learn more about our dial-in support.

1:1 and large sessions

Up to 100,000 participants can join a real-time call — no chat lag. It’s easy to host group sessions, educational webinars, and interactive live streams. You can output any video call to social media for community engagement.

Waiting room

Replicate the in-person lobby experience by creating a private room where patients can wait. Use meeting tokens to enable knocking and create a secure meeting space.


Offer closed captioning to support accessibility and improve dialogue.

Persistent chat & secure file sharing

Enable seamless communication and secure information sharing throughout the patient care experience, including before and after the virtual visit.

Designed for healthcare developers

Two ways to build securely

We offer a fully supported Daily Prebuilt user interface and additional lower-level APIs that give you total UI/UX flexibility. Start by cloning our sample repos. Change from prebuilt to custom at any time while still using the same APIs.

Embed video in minutes

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></script>
   callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
   callFrame.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });

Daily Prebuilt is our plug-and-play embed. It’s a fully working video chat with features like HD screen sharing, text chat, and recording.

Learn about Daily Prebuilt

Build custom video UI in hours

const callObject = window.DailyIframe.createCallObject();
    callObject.on('participant-updated', (event) => {
      const p = event.participant;
      myCustomMediaStreamTracksHandler(p.user_id, p.videoTrack, p.audioTrack);
    callObject.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });

For developers building custom video UI/UX. Take control of video and audio tracks. Daily call object gives you complete layout and workflow control.

Learn about Client SDK

Create secure, seamless experiences across use cases

Daily provides everything you need to build a great patient experience easily. We launched the industry’s first HIPAA-compliant embeddable UI and offer a full suite of features for healthcare use cases.

Primary care

  • Enable one-click, no download join experiences
  • Build a pre-call test to verify access and connectivity
  • Deliver the highest call quality across browsers, devices and low bandwidth conditions


  • Replicate in-person specialty care experiences seamlessly
  • Create guided workflows and integrate video with systems and tools of your choice


  • Create secure recurring meeting rooms by controlling room access and permissions
  • Design custom workflows to promote context-sharing and engagement
  • Transcribe sessions to easily generate call notes.

Group sessions

  • Seamlessly switch between P2P and group calls
  • Support interactive formats like social audio and spatial video

Webinars and live streaming

  • Daily APIs make it easy to build real-time webinars which let you communicate directly to consumers.
  • Reach a larger audience — and create more video content.
  • Broadcast content on different platforms.
  • Start with Daily Prebuilt, which has out-of-the-box webinar layouts, or read our developer tutorials on building a custom webinar layout.

The best video experiences run on Daily

Ask us about our custom healthcare pricing. Developers can get started with our docs, sample repos, and guides. To turn on compliance, simply ping support.

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