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Live stream video calls with one line of code

Build video experiences with 100,000 real-time participants. Then add one line of code to stream out to other platforms with HLS or RTMP.

3 Easy Steps to Quality Video Experiences


Build a real-time video call with Daily

Daily Prebuilt is a full-featured video call UI you can embed in minutes. Or use our SDKs to build your own Web, iOS, and Android experiences.

<script src="https: / /unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></ <script>
  callFrame = window. DailyIframe. createFrame () ;
  callFrame join(f url: 'https://you. daily.co/hello' 


Get your streaming account

Pick a platform to send your first stream to.

Get your streaming key:



Start your stream

With one API call, live stream to any RTMP or HLS platform (or several). See the RTMP output tutorial or visit our developer guides

<script src-"https://unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></ <script>
  callFrame = window. Dailylframe. createFrame ( );
  callFrame. on ({ url: "joined-meeting" }, () => {
   callFrame. startLiveStreaming ({rtmpUrl: "your-rtmp-
  callFrame join(f url: 'https://your.daily.co/call' 



Developer support

Over-delivering on customer support is one of our core values. We respond quickly to every support request.


Daily works with leading companies who share our objective of building and supporting rich interactive experiences.


Join our community forum where developers share, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on topics around WebRTC, live video, and Daily.

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