Guaranteed hardware

TV video conferencing that's easy to use TV is everything you need, in one easy package, for always-on portals and 1-click video calls on conference room TVs. Learn how our system is easier for your team, with simple equipment, no download browser calls, and more.

How we redesigned TV conference room systems

Set up in minutes

Anyone can set up a TV conference system in minutes. No tech expertise required.

Easy unlimited software

Truly no hassle. Just click to join a link. Get fully custom links, group chat, recording and more.

Affordable pricing

No seat fees so you don't have to share logins. No annual contract that locks you in. Learn about pricing.

The dedicated hardware difference TV Setup TV is a complete hardware system, with all the equipment needed to set up a TV for video calls. The system includes dedicated device, HD camera, external speaker/mic, and all cables.

Our goal was to cut out the hassle of setting up a conference room. We tested thousands of setups, for the complete system maximizing reliability, ease, and power. And it's backed by our warranty.

Learn about the hardware TV device

Dedicated device

Firmware specifically architected for video calling. Learn more.

HD camera

90 degree field of view. Or plug in any webcam. Learn more.

External speaker/microphone

A noise-canceling speaker you can move. Learn more.

Click here to see our easy set up guide. It’s a few color-coded steps. All sorts of teammates have set this up with no problem (office managers, admins and EAs, remotes, ops managers, and more). You can always ping us for help. We’re available to chat from 9–5pm PT.

We specifically chose not to build custom hardware. Instead, we support off-the-shelf camera and speaker models, so customers have more choices. We built our custom firmware (the brains of the hardware) on top of a standard device, to achieve both affordability and power. Learn more.

You don’t need to do anything to maintain the hardware. There’s no license signup or security worries. We take care of everything, keeping your device secure and reliable.

Software that lets your team work optimally

Use the software anywhere
You can start and join calls yourself from any computer or phone. Try the software right now. Simply sign up at
Key features
Every meeting link comes with essential features like dial-in, dual screen sharing, wireless presentations, mobile, and more. Learn more.
No shared logins
Onboarding and scaling your team is a snap, with unlimited meeting links and accounts. Never share a login or password again.
Truly 1-click
Get a link, share, and click to join. There's no software to download, to join any link. Your guests don't need account.
Try a video call Learn about TV software

Why our customers love us

Simple setup

Anyone can set up in minutes. An IT manager can drop ship to any satellite, and be sure of a successful rollout.

Vetted equipment

Don't waste time putting together a system. We test and guarantee a smoothly functioning system

Swift procurement

Maximum efficiency. Place one order, and get all necessary equipment. We ship worldwide with DHL.

Just walk up to the TV

Make your teammates happier. No hassle at all. Your TV takes care of itself.

Truly 1-click

No more downloads. Just click instead. It saves time, cuts out headaches, and is simpler.

Secure hardware

We take care of all security and firmware updates. No worrying about OS, licenses, and viruses.

A proven partner

Learn about our two decades experience building conferencing systems for Fortune 100 companies and governments.

Service flexibility

Cancel monthly service anytime. We don't want to lock you in.

Great support

We are ready to help – and there are no additional service fees. We're always glad to talk to customers.

Smarter, flexible billing

Affordable pricing

$600/system one-time hardware purchase. $50/month service fee.

Guaranteed purchase

Learn about our 60-day no risk refund window for hardware purchases.

Flexible service

The only hardware with monthly billing. Cancel monthly service anytime.

Learn about TV pricing

Procurement is easier, too

We aim to make every part of video calling easier, and that includes ordering. Just click and go, with no required sales call. While we'd love to talk, you don't have to.

Order TV
Learn more about how orders work TV FAQ

How much does the equipment cost?
The complete system is $600, plus a monthly service fee of $50/month, per system. Learn more.
Can I use my own camera?
Yes! You can plug in any webcam that uses a USB-A connection.
Can I use my own microphone/speaker?
You must use the Jabra 410, Jabra 810 and Owl devices. You don't have to buy it from us.
Can I still use the hardware for video calls if I cancel service?
No. If you cancel service, you can't use the equipment for video calls.
What does it mean that the device is a NUC?
That's the device type. The NUC is configured with our custom firmware. Learn more.
Can I repurpose the device (NUC) if I cancel my subscription?
Yes! You can load your own OS. Or contact us regarding a return. Learn more.
How much is shipping?
Shipping within the continental U.S. ranges from $15–25. Please contact us for shipping outside the US and to Alaska and Hawaii.
What's your return policy?
It's good! For a full refund, return the system within 60-days of purchase. Contact us for partial refunds after 60 days. Learn more.
How do I get help?
We're happy to help! Email us anytime or chat with us, weekdays from 9–5pm PT. We always respond as quickly as we can!