API video calls for TVs

Build 1-click video calls your TV can join

With the Daily.co API, developers can build custom video call workflows, which run on your TV hardware and talk to any computer or phone anywhere.

We're broadening our TV hardware support

Our team launched the first 1-click dedicated hardware system in 2016. Since then, we've grown to also support a dedicated always-on solution, standalone software, as well as an expanding API platform.

We're excited now to bring our API power to hardware. To broaden the hardware we support, we're releasing an API configuration any developer can run on supported hardware. Contact us to learn more.

Daily.co TV Always-On

API for always-on

Many of our TV customers are particularly interested in always-on. You can use our current API configurations to create a custom portal on any website or app. Read our blog post.

API for TV hardware

Interested in early access to our API, to run on your own hardware? Contact us to learn more.

Current hardware customers

We are always here to help! Contact us to touch base, troubleshoot, or get help with whatever you need.
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A secure API for TV video calls, with flexible building blocks

1-click WebRTC links
Create and control no download links, which your users can join on TV, computer or phone.
Powerful customization
Developers can extensively build the workflows your company needs, with our front-end and REST API libraries.
Drop-in features
Our API has more prebuilt features like dual screen sharing, chat, wireless presentations, mobile, and more.
Flexible building blocks
We empower designers and developers with more flexible ways to build. For example, you can customize the video chat UI with just JS and CSS.
Multidevice & cross-browser
Users can join your browser links on computer, display them on TV, and join on iOS and Android.
Global infrastructure
Our global infrastructure provides a better call experience for your customers, wherever they are in the world.
Ready-to-go UI
Start fast with our prebuilt UI, which has been designed to work on different kinds of screens.
256 bit encryption
Our API is built on top of WebRTC standards and its mandatory encryption. All media streams are encrypted using DTLS, 256-bit AES.
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Current hardware customers FAQ

I'm a Daily.co TV hardware customer. Do you support the hardware still?

Yes! Contact us as always.

I have your Daily.co TV hardware (black box). Do I need to use the API now?

No! You can use your Daily.co TV hardware as before.

How can I get another system?

Please contact us, we are happy to help.


What is the difference between the current API and this new TV API?

We're added hardware features to the API. Contact us if you're interested.

I'm building a mobile app and need video chat. Can I use your API? 

Yep! Just sign up (it's free) and start building.

How do I get help?

Please email or chat with us if you need help! We're happy to assist.

Do you support always-on?

Yes! Read our blog post. If you need help or have questions, contact us.

I'm not very technical. Is the your always-on API hard to use?

Nope, it's really easy. 2 lines of code to embed an iframe. Read this blog post.

Try a live video call

Visit your dashboard, where you just click to create prebuilt video call links.