The TV hardware package

Learn more about what comes with a system order. Your system is easier to manage, and more secure with dedicated hardware.

Our hardware design goal and approach

How we designed TV, and why

A new approach to video call hardware

Traditionally, a conference room videoconferencing system required very specific resources. It took IT expertise, and time to buy, set up, and manage. (Cost-wise, it was structured around annual licenses and seat fees.)

Our goal was to design something new: a powerful system that was so seamless, anyone could set up and use it. Technology keeps improving, so conference room systems should improve, too! TV is the system designed to solve this need. It's reliable and powerful, and also affordable and easy. TV setup

Savvy, flexible design

To achieve our goals, we wanted a powerful and efficient system. For hardware design, we chose to build on top of off-the-shelf hardware. We specifically did not design new camera and speakers. Instead of locking customers into a rigid design, this approach gives customers more flexibility, we believe (in addition saving our customers money). You have more option as to what external parts you use, and how you use them. For example, our systems are both in smaller huddle rooms, and also larger conference rooms. The customers have different preferences for cameras. Teams have different needs, and we designed a system to respond.

  • Don't lock customers into custom pieces that aren't flexible
  • Purchase the entire system for ease. Or you can order only the device if you already have the speaker and a preferred webcam
  • An external microphone that you can move around
  • Order the system with the webcam, or use any webcam you prefer

What's in an order

One easy package, with everything to plug into a TV

Option 1

Complete system

The system is everything you need for video calls on a big screen TV. You only have to provide the TV. In one package, you get the device, camera, speaker/mic, and call cables.

Option 2

Device only

You also can opt to purchase only the device. You then must provide all other components: webcam, speaker/microphone, and all cables.

Order TV

1. TV device

We take care of key hardware maintenance, like critical security updates.

The device is the brains of the TV video conference system. It's built specifically for video conferencing, supporting features like wireless presentations, always on, and 2-TV set up, as well as critical security infrastructure.

It runs our firmware (a custom packaging of Linux). We specifically built the device using the off-the-shelf NUC box. This allowed us to achieve both power and affordability.

Included with any order. Required. TV device

2. Web camera

HD quality video, or plug in any webcam.

The Logitech C930e is included in the $600 system purchase (Option 1). It provides a 90 degree field of view and HD resolution. We chose the Logitech C930e for its durability and quality. Having said that, TV works with other webcams, too. In particular, we've tested the Logitech PTZ and the Owl.

Contact us if there's a camera you're interested in our testing to confirm quality.

A camera is required. You can purchase your own or use the Logitech C930e (included with Complete System orders).
Logitech C930e (below) is included with Complete System orders.
Logitech Camera
Logitech PTZ Pro Camera
Owl camera

3. Mic/speaker

Specific microphone/speaker combos are required. TV supports the Jabra 410, Jabra 810, or Owl. The Jabra 410 is included with the $600 complete system (Option 1). It provides echo-cancellation and omnidirectional power.

If you chose to purchase the TV device-only, you must provide your own speaker/microphone.

Jabra 410, Jabra 810, or Owl are supported. You do not need to purchase a speaker/microphone from us.
Jabra 410 (below) is included with Complete System orders.
Jabra 410
Jabra 410
Owl Camera
Jabra 810

We're proud to guarantee our hardware

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