Smarter pricing for TV hardware.

We back up our equipment with the best guarantees, and we don't lock you into annual contracts. Learn more about our no seat fees and flexible billing.

Choose your hardware

Option 1

Complete system

The system is everything you need for video calls on a big screen TV. You only have to provide the TV. In one package, you get the device, camera, speaker/mic, and call cables.

Option 2

Device only

You also can opt to purchase only the device. You then must provide all other components: webcam, speaker/microphone, and all cables.

Plus a monthly subscription, per system

Billing begins 14 days after hardware delivery. The service fee covers ongoing firmware updates, like security and new features. Cancel anytime. Annual service is $550/year.



Here's an example: (2) TV systems cost: 
$1200 + shipping + $100 monthly service

The best guarantees

60-day no risk refund

Feel safe in your purchase. Simply return the complete hardware system within 60 daundefinedys, and we'll refund all charges.

Cancel monthly service anytime

Don't get locked into an annual contract. You can opt to cancel monthly service anytime.


We back up our hardware. There's no support fees, and we replace malfunctioning hardware.
Hardware returns after 60 days
If you need to cancel service after 60 days, just contact us if you'd like to return the hardware. We can honor a partial refund for undamaged systems.
Eliminate seat fees
We take a different approach, and eliminate frustrating seat fees. Don't pay more as your team expands. Instead, we use a simpler flat fee for the hardware you use.

How friction-free ordering works

We're always glad to talk. Contact us if you'd like a demo or have any questions. You also don't have to talk to us. We've set up a no-hassle process so you get your equipment fast.

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Fill out this quick form. It confirms you're OK with our system requirements, and confirms billing.

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Once we receive your completed form, we'll email you an invoice to pay online.

Ship same or next day

We typically ship same or next day. Chat with us or email, and we'll confirm current rollout.

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