Flexible, smarter software that lets your team do more TV includes unlimited 1-click software that frees up your team. Your TV also is smarter, with always on and instant link options.

A new, more flexible approach to video calling software

No seat fees

Don't force your team to share logins

Use the software anywhere

Start and join calls on any computer or phone, when you're not in front of your TV

Talk to anyone

Send a link to anyone. They just click on a computer or phone

Truly 1-click

Your guests don't have to download software or create an account to join

Key features

Dual screen sharing, audio dial in, mobile video support, locking and more

Speedy TV shortcuts

Your teammates don't even need to sign up....or even click. Use always on or our instant TV links and cut out friction.

Our customers have told us they wanted simplicity. Just click to meet. We're solving for this by combining the latest 1-click technology and key features, with an emphasis on user-centric design.

All links are 1-click. No software downloads required. Your calls start quickly and your guests are not confused. Crucially, we've also eliminated seat fees. Your team can't get done what it needs to if colleagues are sharing logins. Free up your team from the traditional software hassles that get in the way of getting work done.

Learn more about features & browser support

Ingeniously simple meetings

Just click on a link


Click on your meeting link. Learn how to create links.


Choose if you're joining on TV, computer or mobile.  


Your video call will begin in seconds.

Secure TV access

When you select to join on a TV, the system asks you to enter a TV screen code. It's 6 letters in the bottom right of your TV. Just enter this screen code on your join page. The system then knows you want to put the meeting up on the big screen TV.

This is a fast yet secure way to protect your workspace TV. The screen code is refreshed whenever you reboot, or reconnect your HDMI cable.

By the way, the TV screen code is not a meeting code. ( video links don't require codes. If you want to make the meeting itself private or team-only, learn more here.) The TV screen code instead is for your TV. It's like a key that controls what gets put up on your TV, ensuring your workscreen is secure. TV Screencode

Speedy TV shortcuts, to make teammates happier

Our customers told us the less work to join calls, the better. Here are 2 ways calls are easier for your team.

1. Get a dedicated always-on link

You can assign your TV a dedicated meeting link. Your TV automatically joins this link whenever it turns on. It's really efficient for teams that often use the same link, or want to set up a portal linking locations.

How to setup always-on

  1. Choose a meeting link, tell us you want always-on
  2. Plug in your TV
  3. Your TV will auto-join your meeting link
  4. Remote participants just click your link to join

Note: Whenever your TV is on, it's in the link. When you turn off the system, no problem. The TV simply auto-joins the link whenever you turn the system back on. Your team can just walk into the room and the TV is in its link.

2. Walk up to the TV, without always on

Always on isn't for everyone. Sometimes your teammates need to use different links. No problem: the TV can create one for you, instantly. Your colleagues don't even need to be logged into their account.

How to start calls on your TV

  1. Visit
  2. Pair your device
  3. Click start a video call
  4. Remote participants just click your link to join

Note: On, enter the screen code displayed on your TV screen (lower right). Once paired you'll be able to control your TV—create meetings and share your screen.

Key features to get work done

*Requires Chrome for remotes joining on computer. Learn more about browser support.

No download

All links are 1-click. No downloads.

Guests don't need an account

Don't hassle your guests to sign up for a service. Just tell them to click.

Custom subdomain & rooms

Your meeting links reflect your brand. Customize them however you'd like.

Unlimited links

There's no limit to the number of meeting links you can create.

Best-in-class browser support

Our video calls work on Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox; plus Android Chrome and iOS Safari. Learn more.

No shared logins

No seat fees, so your team doesn't have to share logins.

50 people with 6 cams on

Up to 50 people can join in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, plus mobile. We recommend 6-8 cams on, depending on network! 

Mobile video

Just tap a call link in iOS Safari or Android Chrome. Mobile users now can join larger calls!

Dial-in audio

Local country telephone numbers for 20+ countries.


Add team members to your account so that they can create and manage their own meeting links.

Dual screen sharing

Two different people can screen share at the same time. There's no "presenter" hassles.


Control the privacy of your meeting links: private, team and public.

2-TV support

Up to 50 people can join a camera. We recommend muting cams above 8 people.

Wireless presentations

No cables required. You can wirelessly screen share to your TV at any time. You don't even need to be in a call.

Try a call right now

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