Set up your TV in minutes, with unlimited video calls TV is the easy conference room system, with powerful features. Get 1-click video calls on your subdomain, wireless presentations, free dial-in and more.

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Better Video Conferencing.
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"For those who think that Google Hangouts, Slack or Skype aren’t enough to meet their business needs, please allow me to introduce you to this."

Everything you need, in one simple package

Better video calls on your TVs

Hardware designed for your TV with features like wireless screen sharing on a big screen, always on, and more.

See your entire team

No more crowding around a computer cam. See everybody in the room with clear HD quality video and 90-degree field of view.

Better audio quality

An external mic with built-in noise-cancelling speaker and omni-directional microphone. 17-foot cables help to cover your entire room.

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Everything You Need in One Box

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Talk to anyone, with free software

Your guests don't need TV hardware to join your meetings. Simply send one of your unlimited links and they can join! You get: unlimited meeting links, international dial-in, 50-person calls, and more.
1-click meetings
1-click meetings
No logins or downloads. Guests just click to join.
Free dial-in
Every meeting link supports free dial-in for more than 25 countries.
WiFi support
50-people calls
Up to 50 people can join your meetings, for free!
1-click meetings
Dual screen sharing
2 different people can share at the same time.
Wireless presentations
Share from your laptop to the TV. No cables.
WiFi support
1 or 2-TV support
Our device lets you simply plug in a second TV, for a great looking system.
1-click meetings
Phone/Computer control
Control your Daily TV with your phone/computer. No remotes.

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You can use on your TV, or computer

A new pricing model for SMBs

1-click Cancel Anytime

One-time hardware order

The complete system is $600 plus $10 US shipping. It's a one-time charge, with a 60-day refund guarantee. (You then own the hardware. Learn more.)
Free Shipping & Returns

Monthly service fee

Every month you're then billed $50 for service. (This is the cost of new firmware and feature development, software integration, and support.)
Free Shipping & Returns

That's it!

No seat fees, no annual service required, no support contract required. Learn more in our detailed pricing page here.
Can we help? We're happy to answer any questions.
Can we help? We're happy to answer any questions. 

Free for everyone

  • Your subdomain,
  • No meeting time limits
  • Unlimited meeting links
  • No downloads
  • 50 person calls
  • Dial-in
  • 2-simultaneous screen shares
  • Teams, locking and more
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hardware + software

$600 hardware order $50/month

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New Features

  • We're always adding new features
  • Email us to view our roadmap
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Tami Hultman

We rely on to tie our global team together. The user experience is super easy. We don't know what we'd do without it.

Ti Zhao
Founder, Kip Health

The personalized subdomain is really impactful, when I send out invites as a founder. It's great to add a new custom room anytime and so quickly. 

Annie Clark
Office Manager, BackerKit

The easiest way for us to stay connected with our remotes!