Always on video conferencing and portals

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Easily create a constant always on connection, to connect teammates, build culture, and encourage teamwork

  • Permanent links
  • No meeting time limit
  • Both private and team-only links


Build connections

Always on video links are one of our most popular use cases, as  more companies depend on distributed work. It's key to build relationships across locations, and help remotes feel supported. You can use our free software on computers, or set up a video wall to your TV. (We also offer our own dedicated hardware, for TVs.)

Unlimited meeting time

Our meeting links have no time limit, so simply create a meeting link for a constant connection. As long as you have the meeting open, you and your teammates are connected.

Permanent links links also never expire. Once you create your always on portal, you can use it anytime.


Control who has access to your connection. Like any video conferencing link with, you can make your portal link public, private, or team-only. Also, all calls with 4 or fewer participants are peer-to-peer and fully encrypted. We have strict privacy guidelines for all calls, and do not access your video or audio at any time.

Team portals

Since we also have unlimited lines, your different teams can have portals, too.

Easy access

It's easy for new teammates to set up a portal connection, or for others just to drop in. Share your link (and room access) with whom you want. They just click the meeting link – no downloads required.

Dedicated TV hardware

In addition to our free software (which you're welcome to use on any device), we make dedicated hardware for TVs. It includes a specific always on configuration. Whenever your TV is turned on, it automatically joins your portal. It's easy, affordable and big screen.

We ourselves keep an always on link open, to connect our team. Ping us if we can answer any questions, or talk more about the best way to support a remote team. We're glad to help, and would love to get your feedback. or click the live chat button. Thanks!

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