Video calls for coaching success

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Really easy calls combined with big features help you engage better with clients, and build your practice

  • Click to join
  • Unlimited lines
  • Branding

Face to face continuity

Build a stronger, compelling relationship with your clients, wherever they are. Seeing someone regularly makes more of a connection, so video even boosts your local client relationship, by adding quick virtual check-ins. Plus, you can grow your remote client base, and work with someone wherever they are.

Really easy

Start calls with just a click. There are no downloads or accounts to confuse clients. It saves you the time of adding someone as a contact, or waiting for them to download an app.

Unlimited rooms

No need to share meeting links for your different clients. Avoid the situation where clients end up in the same meeting room. You get unlimited meeting room links, and customize them for your different clients. Like, /client-2.... You have a complete, powerful meeting link system.

No time limit

Offer coaching sessions of different lengths. There are no time limits to your calls (or your account in general). The flexibility helps you diversify your coaching offerings, and monetize different kinds of sessions.

Branding and personalization

Build your brand. In seconds you can set up your subdomain – – so each meeting invite reflects your consulting practice. Uniquely, with you also can name meeting rooms for different clients. Like, It's personal and engaging, and also helps keeps clients in the right links.

Dual screen sharing

Better explain and walk through ideas when you screen share. Even when you’re screen sharing, you can see your your client (and vice versa). Or you can enlarge the screen share. 2 different people can screen share at the same time, so you can view your client doc side by side with yours.


Remember details better and pull up client information when you need it. From a computer in Chrome, wou can record any meeting to your local device or to the cloud. It’s easy to share cloud files, with clickable links, which is great for client followup.


Avoid cancellations. Let your clients and partners join on the go. We offer unlimited dial-in for audio, and Android Chrome for mobile video (iOS Safari coming soon). In Android Chrome you can see both video and screen shares, and you also send video.

Great support

Having a problem during a call? Ping us – we reply to and also offer chat support when we're online. If you have a big meeting coming up, and would like support on standby, just let us know. We're also available to help your clients anytime.

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