Video calling for consultants and strategic groups

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

A complete professional suite to provide consulting, to clients worldwide

  • 1-click meeting links
  • Dial-in, recording, more
  • Branded links

Provide strategic insight to global clients

With powerful video calling, your consulting practice can work with clients worldwide. Our ease of use and key features can help you expand your portfolio. Video establishes a face-to-face connection, so you cultivate a stronger relationship with your clients.

Unlimited meetings

Support a full client list, with unlimited video conferencing links. There's no confusion as to clients appearing in a link at the same time. You can create as many unique meeting links as you like.

Branding and personalization

Set up your subdomain – – with easy clicks, so each meeting invite reflects your consulting practice. Uniquely, with you also can name meeting rooms for different clients. Like, It's personal and engaging, and also helps keeps clients in the right links.

1-click meeting links

Don't hassle your clients with software requests. Seamlessly start each call, with no download links. Your clients don't have to download, or signup, or create a handle. You don't need to remember anyone else's handle, either. Just click on the meeting to link. Our goal is for the tech to get out of the way, so the focus is on the benefit you bring.


Offer flexibility to your clients, with mobile support. Each call has unlimited dial-in and also Android Chrome. (We're adding iOS Safari in a few weeks. Please use Android Chrome to view screen shares. Dial-in is for audio, not screen sharing.)


Ensure a secure, private experience. Your meeting links can be public, private, or team-only. Also, all calls with 4 or fewer participants are peer-to-peer and fully encrypted. We have strict privacy guidelines for all calls, and do not access your video or audio at any time.

No time limit

No worries if a client is late to a meeting, or the call runs long. There's no minute limit on calls or your account.


Recording helps you expand your footprint. Record up to 3 hours in any call, and store locally or to the cloud. Sharing is easy with clickable cloud links. Video clips are an excellent followup, to help clients remember insights and advice. It's easy for your clients' internal staff to appreciate your benefits, and you can share online to develop your brand. You also can track recordings yourself, to prepare and plan future sessions.


To help our clients succeed, we are glad to provide friendly support. During PST business hours we are available for live chat support. We reply to all emails,

We help consultants grow worldwide. Give a test call a try, and let us know how we can help, cheers.

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