Video calls aligned with creative and marketing firms

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Our clean design and ease of use, plus key features, are the right fit for creatives, marketing groups, and agencies.

  • Work with new clients anywhere
  • Easy 1-click links
  • Dual screen sharing
  • Recording
  • Branded links

Clean design

Our clean design fits creative and brand teams  where look and feel matters. We believe in good design, and are a design-focused product, so your clients and team have a better experience. To make the right impression, our UI is clean. The clutter-free experience also means your calls are more successful.

Dual screen sharing

To collaborate remotely, and also present, a good screen sharing tool is key. We support dual screen sharing, where 2 different people can screen share at the same time. For example, the account lead can share the client's feedback from the previous round while a creative can share proposed changes. Similarly, you and a client both can screen share.

Make it easy for clients

Don't make your clients struggle with downloads. All your clients have to do is click on the link. They don't need to create an account. Also, see our support details – we are available to help your clients.

Unlimited lines

Have as many lines as you want. Avoid the embarrassing situation where different people end up using the same room. It also doesn’t matter if calls run long. Everybody can have their own meeting link.

Small to large meetings

Use one tool for all your meetings. Up to 50 people can be in a call with video. That means you can use the same tool for 1:1s, your internal team calls, as well as larger presentations.

Customize room names for clients

Welcome each client and convey they matter. You can dedicate a room to each client, by customizing the room name. Like


Preserve client feedback and creative collaborative sessions. You can record all your calls from a computer in Chrome, and store them to your computer or the cloud. It’s easy to share cloud files, with clickable links.    It helps you catch up on calls you missed, and better manage accounts where you need to are in.

Professional features

Equip your team with dial-in, chat, and more. It's the tools you need, in a dedicated tool for professionals.

Great support

Having a problem during a call? Ping us, on live chat support during business hours. We are enthusiastic about support, and like talking with customers. If you have a big meeting coming up, and would like support on standby, just let us know. We're also available to help your clients anytime.

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