Video calls for interviews

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Easily and securely reach out to anyone in the world

  • Recording
  • Just click to join
  • Secure, with locking options


Talk to anyone in world in seconds, on any device. Video lets you engage with the persons face-to-face, affording insight beyond just audio.

Unlimited links and time

Don't rush an interview. There are no time or account limits. For teams conducting interviews, there's no worry about mixing up lines. Teammates can maintain as many individual lines as they like.

Easy 1-click links

Talk to someone in an instant. You don't need to add someone as a friend, nor do they need to create an account, at all. And remove barriers that might keep your guest from showing up. With links, your guests also don't need to download any apps onto their device. Just click to enter a meeting link – it's really easy for people of all tech comfort levels.


Keep a record, remember key details, and study the interview. From a computer, you can record any call up to 3 hours, and store locally or to the cloud. Sharing and posting online is easy with clickable cloud links. (The recording must be started from a computer; all video and audio, from any device, is captured.)


Don't miss out on the interview if your guests can't make it to a computer. Your guests can dial-in if they don't have great bandwidth. For mobile video, just click on the link in Android Chrome. (iOS Safari coming soon.)

Security, locking and anonymity

Maintain security. Your meeting links can be public, private, or team-only. Also, all calls with 4 or fewer participants are peer-to-peer and fully encrypted. We have strict privacy guidelines for all calls, and do not access your video or audio at any time. Your guests, if they like, can mute their cam in the call, or block cam before joining the call.


Send out meeting links with your project or organizational identity. Customize your subdomain, You also can customize each meeting room itself,


Got a crucial interview, that must go through without a hitch? We are here to help. During PST business hours (we're in San Francisco), we provide regular live chat support. We're also glad to schedule support. If you've got a big interview, give us the heads up and we'll be on standby, to make sure the call goes off smoothly.


It's great to hear how is useful to you. Let us know if we can answer any questions, cheers.

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