Video calling built for manufacturing

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Easy and powerful, with free calls from any location and device

  • Computer, mobile, dial-in
  • No downloads
  • Screen shares and more

Face-to-face contact

To keep your all your production sites and facilities in sync, get key team members talking face-to-face. Clear video keeps you in touch better as a team. Get better updates and assessments, and connect with clients better.

Computers and phones

You have employees in different locations, and team members who are mobile. It slows you down to pin down people to certain computers. With call links, your employees can join you from any computer or phone. There's no wasting time setting up a new device with special software. And you still can keep your meetings links locked and secure.

Really easy

Your employees don't have to download or install special software. Simply send them a meeting link. They click on it in Chrome to join. It's easy to invite new partners and customers to a call. You can start calls in seconds, from any device.

No seat fees

Scale your team as needed. Don't worry about paying more to add video conferencing capabilities for teams and new staff. There are no seat fees with You can add unlimited people to your team, and there are no restrictions on people to whom you send invites.

Unlimited meeting lines

Get as many meeting lines as you need, to support your different teams. Your employees can create unlimited video conferencing links, and use them simultaneously. All links are on your branded subdomain,

Dual screen shares

Share presentations and updates with everyone. You can screen share from any computer on Chrome. Two different users can screen share at the same time, so presentations from different sites are easy. Mobile users can view screen shares, so teammates in the field are kept up to date.

Professional features

Up to 50 people can join a call, and every meeting link has free dial-in. Computer users can start recordings from Chrome, and record all video and audio in a call.

Conference room upgrade

Add your conference room TV to your meetings. We make an easy affordable hardware system. It's everything you need, in one package, for video calls and wireless presentations on a big screen TV. You can use the same meeting links and software for phones, computers, and your conference room TV.


To help our clients succeed, we are glad to provide friendly support. During PST business hours we often are available for live chat support. We reply to all emails,, and are available to help onboard and train your teams, at no additional cost.

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