Video calling to help nonprofits and civil society groups meet their mission

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

A complete, easy and free video calling tool to connect with anyone worldwide

  • Easy links
  • Professional features
  • Great support

Engage worldwide

We're proud helps nonprofits and civil society groups worldwide. Video calling is an essential tool for sourcing the right partners and teammates. Our 1-click links and features equip your team for staff meetings, fundraising, interviews, board calls, and more.

Unlimited lines

Scale your work. With, you can have as many simultaneous meeting room as you need. There's no need to restrict work and share lines.


Many times teammates are in regions where computer access isn't possible. With, guests can dial-in via phone in 25+ countries, for just audio if that's more convenient. We also support video on Android mobile. Just click on the meeting link in Android Chrome. (Safari iOS coming soon.)

Simple links

You don't have to ask people for their handle, add them as friend, make them signup, or ask them to download anything. Just click on a meeting link to join. It saves everyone time, and makes everyone happier.

Large meetings

Host community or partner gatherings. With, up to 50 people can join your call. You can use the same tool for 1:1, staff meetings, and outreach.

Dual screen sharing

Work more effectively with dual screen sharing. 2 different people can screen share at the same time, for better brainstorming and presentations. Video and screen sharing are shown on the screen at the same time.

No IT, no problem

We've built to be simple. Your calls are easy. We also are glad to help anytime. Chat live with us for support, during California business hours (Pacific Time). Or email us,

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