Video calling to help SMBs succeed

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Equip your team with a tool designed specifically for SMBs

  • No software to set up
  • Powerful features like free dial-in and recording
  • No seat fees

Link locations and employees

As your SMB expands, video helps you connect teammates and locations, and boost culture. Presentations and brainstorming are better with video so you're not just limited to audio.

50 person calls

Get the big picture with large calls. You can gather your team and staff easily, with meeting links. Up to 50 people can join a call with video, plus an unlimited number of people can dial-in. No worries if employees are joining from on the road, or from home. Your rooms support large calls.

No special software

Got a computer or mobile dial? Then you can join calls. Just click on a link. You don't have to expend time or resources with special IT demands. There's no software to configure, or apps to download. You can set up new staff and new computers in seconds. Tell them to just copy the meeting link into Chrome.

Better presentations

Screen sharing helps your team more efficiently share knowledge and updates. Every meeting link has dual screen sharing, so 2 different people can screen share at the same time. Your team can better sync and compare ideas. Also, you can see video and screen shares at the same time if you like. Don't lose the ability to see someone face-to-face when they screen share. Finally, screen sharing itself is a more natural process. You don't have to hand off screen sharing; instead it's a more natural sharing flow.

No seat fees

Grow your team when you need. Don't worry about paying more to add video conferencing capabilities for teams and new staff. There are no seat fees with – so no more sharing logins! Having to share a login slows down your team's productivity. You can add unlimited people to your team, and there are no restrictions on people to whom you send invites.


Unlimited meeting lines

Your company can work at its maximum, and tap into remote resources when everyone can access a meeting line when they need. With, anyone on your team can create a video conferencing link anytime, and you aren't charged. All links are on your branded subdomain,

Flexible mobile access

Your productivity doesn't suffer if an employee or partner is traveling or OOO. They simply click on the meeting link on their phone. Currently we support free dial-in, in more than 25 countries.  Android devices also can click on the link in Chrome to join the video call, and see screen shares. (Safari iOS coming soon.)

Conference room upgrade

Equip your conference rooms with big screen video calls, tied into your meetings. is a complete system, across computers, phones, and your TVs. We make an easy affordable hardware system, for video calls and wireless presentations on your TV. You can use the same meeting links and software for phones, computers, and your conference room TV.

Great support

We provide friendly, prompt customer support with no additional fees. During a call itself, you can get live troubleshooting help during PST business hours. It's easy for anyone on your staff to contact us. (No need to know account or license numbers. Just contact us.) If you have a big meeting coming up, and would like support on standby, just let us know. We're also available to help your clients anytime.

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