The powerful tool that lets startups grow

Key Features
Free dial-in
Large meetings
Dual shares

Fast, powerful and friction-free, to help your team work from anywhere and scale without overhead

  • No time limits, no seat fees
  • Slack, Google Calendar, Intercom
  • Dial-in, recording, 50 person calls
  • Always on hardware

Build better

Succeeding at remote work increases your changes of success. An easy, powerful video tool lets you find the right talent, and support your customers, is crucial. It helps you align stakeholders, and get everyone excited about being a team and building together.

Faster calls

No more downloads. Just click to start calls. Your meetings start on time, and you don't waste time dealing with IT resources. It makes easier to onboard new hires and work with remote partners. Sales demos and customer support are easier – you're not waiting for guests to download or create an account. It's simpler.

No time limit

Don't cut off momentum, or worry about running over. And it’s no problem if a demo or customer needing support shows up late. There's no time limit for any call, or your account, so there's no need to upgrade. Focus on making the most of every opportunity, and helping everyone feel great about being part of the team.

No seat fees

Grow. You don't have to deal with the headaches – or expense – of licenses, as your team expands. lets you tap into remote work, and build the team you need.

50 person calls

Use the same tool for 1:1, stand-ups, and all hands. scales up to 50 people in a call with video, and you also can add an unlimited number of dial-in guests.

Always on / Pair programming

Support remotes, and build teamwork across locations. Because there's no time limit to our meetings, and links never expire, just start a link and keep it open for a constant connection. You can use our free calls on a computer, set up a TV with your own hardware, or get our dedicated hardware to create a big screen portal in minutes.

Dial in and Mobile

Adjust to your team's needs. No worries if someone's not at a desk. They can dial-in in more than 25 countries. Or, for video and screen shares, just click on a link in Android Chrome. (iOS Safari coming soon.) You don't have to waste time rescheduling meetings, or losing sessions because of cancellations.


Be smart. Not only does recording help you remember key details, you can study successful meetings and pitches, and iterate to close deals and make progress.

Intercom, Slack and Google Calendar

We slot into your workflow and sales funnel. Our apps for startups' most popular tools let you create instant links in seconds, with features like dial-in, large calls, and dual screen shares. Get the Slack app, or fast instant links in Google Calendar. With our Intercom app, you can add video chat right into your sales calls.


We really like working with other startups and think customer success is one key thing that sets startups apart. You can ping us on Intercom, or just reach out to

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