What's different

We've built a new kind of experience, emphasizing both features and clean design. Daily.co is the first system built specifically for SMBs and creatives.

Don't sacrifice ease for power. A big difference that sets Daily.co apart is our goal of making video calls not only really easy to use but professional, too. While our customers need dial-in and meeting recording, they also desire it in a cleaner and focused video calling experience.

We offer key features, in a new model, free of clutter—no downloads or seat fees. With Daily.co there are no barriers to limit your calls and what you and your team can create.

Dial-in with 1-click
Avoid cancellations. Just take calls on the go. Daily.co is the only 1-click with free dial-in.
Recording free
Improve your followup. Simply click record in any call, from Chrome on a computer. We're the 1-click web calls with recording.
50 people
Build teams, community, and your network. Daily.co supports 50 people on a video call free, and with no download.
No seat fees
We help you grow. Stop wasting time, and money, juggling licenses. Set your team up once, and your team can scale with zero friction.
Unlimited lines
Stop sharing links! Only Daily.co gives you unlimited custom links for free. Make teammates happier, with their own links.
Room names
Don't just get one custom link. Personalize the entire invite, with unlimited room names. Like https://you.daily.co/client
Easily manage your team, and make them happy. Your teammates can name their own rooms on the company URL. It's easy to invite and manage teammates.
Restrict a room to teammates, with no download. Make a room public, private, or team-only.
Permanent links
Because our meetings have no time limit, and never expire, you easily can set up constant connections.
Really free
We keep it simple, and transparent. Only Daily.co gives you no download, 50 people and dial-in for free.
Easy hardware
Daily.co lets you scale to a hardware system, too. We offer monthly billing for hardware; cancel anytime.
Dual screen shares
See 2 different screen shares on the screen, at the same time. You also can toggle between the video and screen share.

Why remote-savvy teams love Daily.co

New tech used well

Video is changing! We are a YC team leveraging new tech backed by orgs like Google, Cisco, and Amazon.

Clear, elegant design

Design matters. Clear design saves time. Also it creates a better experience. Video calls don't have to be so clunky!

Personalized technology

Video calls shouldn't feel so unwieldy. For example your link should be human readable. Personal details matter.

Enthusiastic support

Thank you to all our users! We love learning from you. Chat with us GMT -8. We're glad to help, and get your input.

Most of all, we value our customers. We'd love to hear what you need and think. Cheers, from our team to yours.


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