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With years of experience in helping customers shape their ideas into sound business propositions and then delivering the technology behind it, we realised that in order for us to be truly successful and deliver in the most efficient way to our customers we need to have skin in the game.

‍Skin in the game is of course an old concept, quite well endorsed by the Roman civilisation where they judged the weight of a person’s word not against an abstract standard of truth but how much was risked in speaking.

We at Looming Tech, as a collective, believe that we shall be supporting our customers in good and bad times, taking full responsibility for mistakes and inefficiencies of the products we build. We do not want to be hired as an extra pair of coding hands.

Why do we think this plan will work out? It is simple – We believe we are pretty good! Our engineers are world class problem solvers and they know how to shape the best solution optimised for the products we build business goals.

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