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Build better video experiences

Join the thousands of developers who build next-gen video experiences on Daily's global infrastructure and WebRTC video SDKs.

Playback.tv is changing how we watch sports

Want to become a popular sports commentator? Playback.tv uses Daily to allow creators to build communities and watch live sports together.

TIL is changing how we learn music

TIL uses Daily to allow students and teachers to hang out, ask questions, jam, and grow as musicians.

Kumospace humanizes the virtual office

Kumospace uses Daily to humanize remote work by bringing teams together in a virtual office.

Vibe with Workfrom

Workfrom uses Daily to create a virtual hang out where communities flourish online.

Easy EMDR is extending the reach of therapy

Easy EMDR uses Daily to guide patients through structured trauma therapy.

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Build better video experiences

Playback.tv is changing how we watch sports

TIL is changing how we learn music

Kumospace humanizes the virtual office

Vibe with Workfrom

Easy EMDR is extending the reach of therapy

The best video experiences run on Daily

Build on the highest-quality, most flexible, and most cost-effective WebRTC API PaaS.

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Daily is a member of the W3C WebRTC Working Group, and we contribute to a number of open source projects, including Mediasoup and GStreamer.

Start your journey with Daily

From 1:1 video calls to 100k live sessions—build on the highest-quality, most flexible, and most cost-effective WebRTC API PaaS. Speed to deploy on our APIs is like no other.

Build anything you can imagine with our Client SDKs.

const callObject = window.DailyIframe.createCallObject();
callObject.on('participant-updated', (event) => {
  const p = event.participant;
	const t = p.tracks;
  myCustomMediaStreamTracksHandler(p.user_id, t.video.persistentTrack, t.audio.persistentTrack);
callObject.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });

For developers building custom video UI/UX. Take control of video and audio tracks. Daily’s Client SDKs gives you complete layout and workflow control.

Go low code with Prebuilt.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></script>
  callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
  callFrame.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });

Daily Prebuilt is our plug-and-play embed. It’s a fully working video chat with features like HD screen sharing, text chat, and recording.

Dive deep with our developer resources, guides, and SDKs.

Our comprehensive docs show you all the ways to build or embed video and audio chat applications with the Daily API. Follow detailed guides or start from our convenient SDKs.

Launch and scale your app globally

Build on Daily’s Global Mesh Network and scale painlessly. Host sessions with 1,000 active participants or interactive live streams with up to 100,000 at real-time latencies of < 200ms.

Unparalleled call quality

Achieving call quality is hard. Daily makes it easy. We are experts at real-time video and have built the platform, tools, and services that you need: intelligent media routing, simulcast, and Client SDKs that allow you granular control over call quality.

  • Daily delivers the best possible video and audio quality to any user, on any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Adaptive algorithms and customizable settings to maximize quality and reliability for every use case.
  • Call quality analytics and error logs for every session, available in real-time or post-session via REST APIs.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Daily ensures end-to-end encryption in transit and at rest via TLS/SSL. GDPR, SOC-2, and HIPAA compliant. We’ll sign a BAA. 99.99% uptime, with rock-solid data protection and security.

Scale with Daily

Daily’s media server infrastructure is custom-built for real-time video and audio, at scale, anywhere in the world. We’ve applied decades of experience building video and audio infrastructure, streaming applications, and APIs. Consider us your WebRTC-focused DevOps team.

Developers love Daily

We were really happy once we found Daily. We were really desperate to find a stable solution.

Marc Metz @ MeetAnyway

The documentation was super clear and thorough. It’s one of the main reasons we decided to partner with Daily.

Mike Galanos @ Focusmate

Although we reviewed several video API providers, Daily was unparalleled in its ability to quickly setup highly functional and well designed video rooms. The ease of use provided by Daily has been crucial for smooth product implementations for Eventus.

Will Hua @ Eventus

With Daily, you’re not just dealing with support. You’re dealing with a domain expert and an expert in WebRTC.

Flo Crivello @ Teamflow

Daily understood what we were trying to do, and just wanted to help, which is exactly what we needed [them] to do at the time: remove friction so our team could go build.

Darren Buckner @ Workfrom

The pace of Daily’s product development is incredible. It really feels like Daily grows with us.

Ari Borensztein @ Playback

Time and time again Daily has proven that their engineers are willing to work for us to create great solutions instead of slowing us down with barriers. They’re a true partner.

Charles Vien @ Branch

It ended up taking less time for our team to fully integrate a functional solution with Daily than it took to parse through the documentation of some of the competitors, such as Zoom.

Zach Jordan @ Easy EMDR

From developer experience to call stability, there is no system that even comes close to Daily.

Sasha Varlomov @ Coding Rooms

Join our community forum where developers share, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on topics around WebRTC, live video, and Daily. Come say hi!

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