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Daily’s flexible, cross-platform SDKs and trusted, secure, global infrastructure help you supercharge meetings, sharing, and collaboration.

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Build on the world’s best video and audio infrastructure

Video quality drives productivity and retention

Daily’s Global Mesh Network and WebRTC-native SDKs deliver the highest possible video quality on every network, for every device, everywhere in the world.

  • adaptive bandwidth management
  • smart defaults
  • true simulcast
  • hardware codec support

Scale your sessions to 100,000 participants on the world’s best real-time infrastructure.

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Bigger experiences, more features

Daily’s flexible APIs enable you to easily build features like hand-raising, breakout rooms, live captions, and audio-only sessions.

Daily’s technology stack was built from the ground up to power the next generation of WebRTC real-time applications. 100,000 active participants, flexible track subscriptions, custom media processing, and more.

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Create beautiful recordings and live streams

Extend the value of your live experience with customizable HD recordings and multi-cast streaming to third-party platforms.

Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording toolkit supports multi-camera inputs, dynamic graphics, animated layout transitions, event-driven text overlays, and more.

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AI features and building blocks

Work with Daily and our partners to build AI-powered workflows.

  • secure, customizable transcription and recording
  • LLM-powered data pipelines
  • Background blur and background replacement
  • Noise cancellation
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/* With Daily, you’re not just dealing with support. You’re dealing with a domain expert and an expert in WebRTC. */

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Flo Crivello @ Teamflow

CEO and Founder

// Features for every use case

Collaborative spaces and flexible workflows

Virtual offices

Build and scale unique virtual offices that connect distributed teams

Virtual offices recreate the best parts of a physical workplace and enhance them with digital tools. Daily APIs let developers build flexible video experiences with fewer lines of code, supporting custom UX like spatial audio and breakout rooms. Boost collaboration and engagement with HD screen sharing and chat, optimize user sessions with call quality visualizations and analytics, and easily record and transcribe with three types of recording.

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Daily’s core APIs provide control over video and audio tracks, letting you build custom layouts.

Collaboration tools

Rapidly integrate video calls, into any UI, at scale

Working side-by-side within an app provides immediate context for conversations, streamlines workflows and prevents app switching. Daily provides everything you need to integrate video or audio calling into your product for enhanced collaboration. Integrate Daily Prebuilt to add an intuitive call interface in minutes, with turnkey features like dual screen sharing, chat, and three types of recording. Or build a custom experience using our core APIs. Let us take care of video, while you concentrate on developing your core product.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Daily Prebuilt provides out-of-the-box, plug-and-play calls for integration, while our core APIs let developers control media tracks for customized layouts.


Build online spaces that support focus and community

Provide an online environment that’s free of distraction and help users get more done. With Daily Prebuilt, you can rapidly integrate a polished, intuitive call interface into any site or app, complete with powerful out-of-the-box features such as text chat and a pre-call lobby. Optimize your users’ call experience further with call log information and visualizations in your dashboard. Whether you’re hosting two callers or 100,000, our unique call architecture provides industry-leading call quality.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Daily Prebuilt is the easiest way to add video calling, with turnkey features such as chat, dual screen sharing, and three types of recording. Our core APIs support highly-customized UI/UX such as breakout rooms and spatial audio.

Webinars & training

HD screen sharing and streaming

Lead bigger webinars with true HD video and screen sharing. Daily lets you integrate a prebuilt call interface in minutes for the most rapid product development. Alternatively, build a custom UI/UX using our core APIs for flexible control over media tracks. All calls support up to 100,000 person calls. Expand your audience even further with our live streaming API, letting you create a stream with up to ten camera feeds with just one line of code. Broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously, including Facebook and LinkedIn Live.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Daily Prebuilt is the quickest way to build, while our  core APIs support custom UI/UX. Daily Live Streaming lets you live stream calls, including up to 10 video feeds, with just one additional line of code.

HR and Recruiting

Build best-in-class recruiting programs

Streamline employee onboarding, support hiring, and improve retention with integrated video calling. Integrate a polished call interface in minutes with Daily Prebuilt, with powerful built-in features like screen sharing, text chat, recording, and a pre-call test screen where users can set up their mic and camera. Alternatively, our core APIs provide control over media tracks to power custom UI/UX. All calls are routed through our secure, reliable, global infrastructure.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Daily Prebuilt is the quickest way to build, while our core APIs support highly custom UX. Daily Live Streaming lets you broadcast calls to multiple platforms with just one additional line of code.

Audio spaces

Balance large video meetings with alternative online spaces

Give your users flexibility in how they engage. Breakout rooms can help focus discussion and create a more collaborative environment, or just provide a space to socialize. Audio rooms work when you need a break from video.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Оur core APIs give you control and flexibility over media tracks, letting developers build whatever type of UX you can imagine—with video, or without.

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