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Revolutionize your live streaming with one flexible API.

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Stream globally to millions of viewers across multiple protocols with one unified API. Daily offers a flexible approach to live streaming, recording, compositing, and distribution.

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The power of the Daily platform

Tomorrow’s live streaming platform today

Built for the future of video

Real-time WebRTC experiences at millisecond latencies. 100,000 active participants. Multi-cast output via HLS and RTMP to millions of viewers. Simultaneous portrait and landscape compositing.

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One platform for everything

Co-host, stream, composite & record

Boost the impact of your live streams by merging real-time WebRTC technology with the flexibility of globally distributed and fully customizable HLS or RTMP broadcasts.


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Creators elevated

Enhance creator tools with in-app studios

Give creators on your platform the ability to produce beautiful interactive videos, without the need for expensive hardware setups or complicated desktop software like OBS.

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Limitless reach

Big-scale, one-line of code

Ship video in minutes. No expert video knowledge is needed to add live streaming to your web or native applications.

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// The new live streaming

A full-featured live streaming toolset

Unlock the potential of live streaming with Daily’s comprehensive video toolkit.

Output HLS 

Broadcast from any device to any device. Turn any video or audio experience into a globally distributed, high-production quality broadcast with HLS or RTMP.

Embed a player or stream to social

Embed video in your website or app, or stream to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and LinkedIn. Stream to multiple destinations simultaneously.

Beautiful, dynamic recordings

Leverage Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording toolkit to feature chat, animated graphics, event-driven overlays, web content, and anything else you can imagine.

Target multiple audiences with multi-cast

Daily’s Video Component System allows you to broadcast content tailored for specific audience, devices, and platforms. For example, deliver streams optimized for 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios simultaneously.

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// For everything live

Features to support every streaming use case

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Take your live content further, with transparent pricing that makes sense

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