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The next-generation live streaming platform

Real-time WebRTC live streaming creates rich, engaging experiences for up to 100,000 real-time active participants. HLS & RTMP allow broadcasting to millions of viewers.

Real-time WebRTC

Interactive live-streaming experiences unlock new ways for streamers to connect with their audience.

  • Real-time, conversational latency
  • Up to 100,000 real-time active participants (subscribers)
  • Co-host and engage with any participant
  • Chat, reactions, polls, bidding, breakout rooms, and more — without frustrating latency
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Cloud compositing

Daily’s Video Component System — an advanced cloud toolkit for dynamic rendering, customizable graphic overlays, event-driven animations, and more. Record and broadcast beautiful, engaging videos.


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HLS & RTMP streaming

Broadcast to an audience of millions by streaming your composited real-time experiences with HLS and RTMP.

  • Low latency streaming with your player of choice
  • Multiple quality layers for bandwidth optimization
  • Multi-cast to multiple networks concurrently
  • Stream different layout modes to different devices
  • Embed video in your site or app, or stream to social networks
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Use your CDN of choice, or leverage Daily’s AWS integration. We don’t tie you down to a single provider, so you have complete flexibility in your DevOps, architecture, and cost.

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Developer support

Over-delivering on customer support is one of our core values. Daily helps you build better apps in less time.


Daily works with leading companies who share our objective of building and supporting rich interactive experiences.


Join peerConnection, our community forum. Share, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on WebRTC, live video, and Daily topics.

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