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10,000 free minutes every month, no credit card required

Free features to get started

All accounts include the following free features to start. Credit card required to unlock some features. Receive a one-time $15 feature credit* when you enter your credit card to help you explore Daily.

  • Email and chat support
  • 10,000 free participant-minutes/month
  • 50 programmatic rooms (100,000 with card*)
  • 20 participants in a call (100,000 with card*)
  • Access to Daily Prebuilt (Video only)
  • Metrics and logs with 1-day data retention
  • SSO via Google
  • Remove branding from Daily Prebuilt*
  • Live Streaming*
  • Cloud Recording*
  • 100,000 participants in a call*
  • Multiple API keys (coming soon)*
  • PSTN and Dial-in (talk to sales)*

* Credit card required to unlock, receive a $15 advanced feature credit when you add your card

Developer support

Email and chat is free for all accounts. Select an add-on package (below) for advanced support features.

Add-on packages

Advanced Support

World-class priority customer support.



Talk to us

  • Priority ticket and email support
  • 14-day data retention
  • Data Geo-Fencing (coming soon)

Premium Support

Premium support to help you build.



Talk to us

Features from Advanced Support plus:

  • Slack support channel
  • 21-day data retention
  • Annual commits


Additional control to run your business.



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Features from Premium Support plus:

  • 30-day data retention
  • Named CSM Geo Team
  • SLA (99.99% Uptime)
  • Service credits




  • P2P minute rates
  • End-to-end encryption (up to 4 participants)
  • Daily Prebuilt
  • Signed BAA
  • HIPAA compliant infrastructure
  • Data Geo-Fencing (coming soon)

Advanced Firewall Control



  • Allow IP lists to configure Corporate
    Firewalls and VPNs
  • Route non-media traffic via your
    IP proxy server
  • Support for transparent proxy,
    requires no changes
  • Override default TURN servers
    with your TURN server

Calculate your monthly cost

Call estimator

Participants per call
Length of call (minutes)
Calls per month

Monthly cost

Video and audio


(60 * 30) * 1000


Free participant-minutes

1,800,000 - 10,000

Total participant-minutes


Total monthly cost

1,790,000 * $0.004 $0.003
That's a lot of minutes!
Talk to us for custom pricing
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Our rates

We price our video calls as simply as possible. Discounts are available for participant-minute rates. Talk with us to learn more.

Video and audio

Base rate (per participant-min). Discounts for high volume use.


Base rate (per participant-min). Discounts for high volume use.

Interactive Live Streaming

Rate for duration used (per viewer minute). 100K participant cap.

RTMP Live Streaming

Base rate for duration used (per minute). No participant cap.

Cloud Recording

Base rate for duration used (per minute). *Additional storage rate.

$0.01349 *$0.003/min

Start free

Sign up in seconds for free. Support provided to every customer.

HD quality

No extra charge for HD-quality video. Don’t struggle with complex resolution-based pricing.

Volume discounts

We scale with you as you grow. Learn about discounted rates for both video and audio-only.

Startup Program

We offer pricing credits and resources to help startups grow.

Support and SLAs

Offering premium support and enterprise functionality.

HIPAA compliant video

Helping healthcare teams build with greater security, control and quality.


Can I get started for free?

Yes! Sign up in seconds and start free. We provide 10,000 free participant minutes and support to every customer.

What is a participant minute?

A participant minute refers to a minute for each participant on a call. The number of participant minutes for a call is calculated by the number of participants (N) multiplied by the meeting length. N * minutes = participant minutes.

What happens when I use my free participant minutes?

After you have used your free 10,000 participant minutes for the month, you will be billed $0.004 for each additional participant minute. See our volume pricing for high-level usage discounts.

What is Daily Prebuilt?

Daily Prebuilt is a complete, full-featured video call component that you can embed in your app or website with just a few lines of code. Once you create a Daily room URL, you can embed it in any website or app.

Do I pay for the quality of video delivered?

No, we always will deliver the highest quality video available regardless of your spend or add on features.

What is the retention policy around metrics and logs?

Metrics and logs are stored for 1 day for unpaid users, and 3 days when you add a card on file. See add-ons if you are interested in longer retention periods.

Graduated discounts

As you use additional minutes, your rate will decrease.

Minute volume/month List price discount Video and audio calls Audio-only calls
First 10,000 free Free Free
10,001–99,999 0% $0.0040 $0.00099
100,000–499,999 7% $0.0037 $0.00092
500,000–999,999 15% $0.0034 $0.00085
1,000,000–9,999,999 25% $0.0030 $0.00074
10,000,000–24,999,999 35% $0.0026 $0.00064
25,000,000–49,999,999 45% $0.0022 $0.00054
50,000,000+ 63% $0.0015 $0.00036

The total at the end of the period is calculated by multiplying the rate by the minute usage for each tier, and then adding the totals for each tier. Accelerated (or additional) discounts are available when you commit to usage. Contact us.

Build affordably with Daily

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