Why Developers are Using Daily as a Vonage Alternative

Daily delivers best-in-industry call reliability at industry-leading <200ms latency. Host larger sessions with more features, without compromising on call quality.

Compare As low as $1.50 per 1,000 minutes


real-time active participants


millisecond median
first-hop latency


“With Daily, you’re not just dealing with support. You’re dealing with a domain expert and an expert in WebRTC.”

Flo Crivello, CEO @ Teamflow


“From developer experience to call stability, there is no system that even comes close to Daily.”

Sasha Varlomov, CEO @ Coding Rooms


"Just start with Daily — especially if you are the type of team who likes to build without stuff getting in your way or any friction."

Darren Buckner, CEO @ Workfrom

Why choose Daily

Industry-leading call quality

Get higher quality with Daily’s next-gen Global Mesh. Our calls are built with automatic bandwidth management to optimize for real-world network conditions. Plus use our APIs to configure simulcast and peer-to-peer bandwidth targets for specific use cases.

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More APIs, more ways to build

Build custom video UIs with our core SDKs. Or integrate Daily Prebuilt, a fully supported, hosted video call component. Get more features for your use case, like HD recording, live transcription, and HIPAA support.

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More dynamic large sessions

Daily supports more video publishers than any other API. And with Daily’s Video Component System (VCS) toolkit you can build a broadcast studio in the cloud for your recordings and real-time streams.

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Better docs and support

Daily support is faster, more responsive, and free to every developer. We invest in resources like high quality developer docs, and offer enterprise add-ons and SLAs to support your company at scale.

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Connect with 100,000 real-time participants with world class call reliability

Max. participants per call 15,000
with 2 active
real-time active
Max. participants per call 55 1,000
Global Mesh Network No Yes
Cross-platform Adaptive HEVC No Yes
Free minutes included 2,000 10,000
Max. concurrent rooms 2,000 Unlimited
Advanced firewall control (TURN) Additional charge Always included
Encrypted recording Additional charge Always included
IP whitelisting Additional charge Always included
Group video call $0.00395
flat rate
+ automatic volume discounts
HD recording
Full HD recording
for composited Full HD video
Composition $0.055
per session minute
Full HD by default
Interactive Live Stream / Interactive Broadcast $0.00395
flat rate
+ automatic volume discounts
Support Chat support
sometimes free
Free support
Email and chat

Try Daily in your product without changing a single line of your Vonage code

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Easily experience the power of Daily with our shims libraries

  • Enable Daily for 1% of your Vonage customers in a few minutes without having to invest the time and resources towards doing a full migration
  • See firsthand how Daily supports call quality and connectivity
  • Connect with our dedicated solutions team at any time
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Migrate to Daily with 1 developer in less than a week

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It ended up taking less time for our team to fully integrate a functional solution with Daily than it took to parse through the documentation of some of the competitors.

Zach Jordan, CEO of Easy EMDR

With Daily’s APIs you can

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></script>
    callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
    callFrame.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });
val call = CallClient(applicationContext)
call.addListener(object: CallClientListener {
    override fun onParticipantJoined(participant: Participant) {
    Log.d(TAG, "Participant ${participant.id} joined the call on Android!")
call.addListener(object: CallClientListener {
    override fun onCallStateUpdated(state: CallState) {
const call = DailyIframe.createCallObject();
await call.setNetworkTopology({ topology: 'sfu' });
await call.setNetworkTopology({ topology: 'peer' });
curl --request POST \
--url https://api.staging.daily.co/v1/rooms/ROOM-NAME\
--header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"properties": {"enable_mesh_sfu":true,"enable_terse_logging":true,"enable_hidden_participants":true,"owner_only_broadcast":true,"experimental_optimize_large_calls":true}}'
const call = DailyIframe.createCallObject();
const roomURL = 'DAILY_ROOM_URL';
const token = 'DAILY_MEETING_TOKEN';
const rtmpURL = 'RTMP_URL';

await call.join({
    url: roomURL,

callFrame.startLiveStreaming({ rtmpUrl });
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Experience best-in-industry call reliability

  • Learn about the key requirements for a reliable video call experience
  • Identify the top 3 drivers that impact video call reliability
  • Pinpoint ways to improve video call reliability in your product
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