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Telehealth has changed the healthcare landscape by enabling clinicians to provide timely and effective care for improved patient outcomes.

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Daily outperforms competitors in objective testing.

  • lower video freeze rates and latency
  • better performance on cellular data and other challenging networks

Daily also offers the industry’s best engineering support, WebRTC dashboard, component libraries, and pre-call test logic.

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AI-powered Clinical Notes API

Introducing clinical notes generation, seamlessly integrated into telehealth developer APIs, powered by today’s most advanced AI tools.


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Ready for AI

Work with Daily and our partners to build AI-powered workflows.

  • HIPAA-compliant transcription, recording, and AI-powered Clinical Notes API
  • LLM-powered data pipelines
  • Background blur and background replacement
  • Noise cancellation
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Advanced analytics

82% of telehealth providers have serious issues with session reliability and video quality.

Daily gives you the industry’s best tools:

  • understand your users, usage, and app performance
  • provide real-time customer support
  • integrate with data platforms and cloud monitoring

Our dashboards are designed by engineers who wrote the WebRTC specification and pioneered WebRTC telehealth.

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Trusted security and compliance

Daily is the industry leader in security-focused video architecture.

  • HIPAA compliance including an affordable HIPAA package that includes a signed BAA
  • SOC 2 Type 2
  • GDPR and EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework
  • Regional data geo-fencing
  • True end-to-end encryption
  • High-touch engineering support
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/* It only took us a week to get video up and running and integrated on our platform. To be able to do that, and with HIPAA-compliance, is pretty amazing. */

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Zach Jordon


// HIPAA-compliant embeddable UI

Test, prototype, or jumpstart your development with Daily Prebuilt

Daily Prebuilt is a fully supported, HIPAA-compliant, embeddable video call component.

Use Daily Prebuilt to compare video quality against your existing provider, or to jumpstart your development.

Daily Prebuilt is suitable for a wide range of use cases.

Primary care

  • Enable one-click, no download join experiences
  • Build a pre-call test to verify access and connectivity
  • Deliver the highest call quality across browsers, devices and low bandwidth conditions


  • Replicate in-person specialty care experiences seamlessly
  • Create guided workflows and integrate video with systems and tools of your choice


  • Create secure recurring meeting rooms by controlling room access and permissions
  • Design custom workflows to promote context-sharing and engagement
  • Transcribe sessions to easily generate call notes.

Group sessions

  • Seamlessly switch between P2P and group calls
  • Support interactive formats like social audio and spatial video

Webinars and live streaming

  • Daily APIs make it easy to build real-time webinars which let you communicate directly to consumers.
  • Reach a larger audience — and create more video content.
  • Broadcast content on different platforms.
  • Start with Daily Prebuilt, which has out-of-the-box webinar layouts, or read our developer tutorials on building a custom webinar layout.

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