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5 Reasons to Use Daily


Call failures kill revenue

Daily delivers the highest video quality and session reliability of any video platform. And we can prove it. Daily is built from the ground up to achieve the best possible video experience on any device, network, or anywhere in the world.


The industry’s best engineering support

Daily’s team includes co-authors of the core WebRTC specifications, people who built the earliest consumer WebRTC applications, and pioneers in telehealth. Using Daily, you can access the world’s best solutions engineering team and 24×7 customer support.


AI capabilities

HIPAA-compliant LLM integrations, powered by Daily’s data pipeline APIs and partnerships, allow you to deploy tomorrow’s features today.


Next-generation SDKs

Whether you are building for the web, native mobile, or both, Daily’s SDKs give you access to the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive video feature set. We offer more features and support more use cases than any other WebRTC platform.


Pricing transparency and true partnership

Daily has always offered transparent, straightforward pricing. We are here to enable your success. We’re customer-focused and pride ourselves on listening to our partners, shipping features you need, and standing behind everything we do.

The best live healthcare apps are built on Daily

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