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Daily Prebuilt: Beautiful 
video with 2 lines of code.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@daily-co/daily-js"></script>
  callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
  callFrame.join({ url: 'https://you.daily.co/hello' });

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// Beauty and brains

Instant, no-download embedded video calls on the Web or in a WebView.

1:1 or 100,000 real-time participants: telehealth, team meetings, millisecond-latency live streams.

Customize and extend Prebuilt with JavaScript.

Real-time 100,000

HD Recording 
and Compositing

Enterprise Analytics

Multi-codec simulcast



Unrivaled video quality

Daily’s Global Mesh Network and WebRTC-native SDKs deliver the best performance and highest possible video quality on every network, for every device, everywhere in the world.

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AI Noise Reduction

Background effects

Mobile Optimized

Emoji Reactions

Bandwidth Management

Automatic bandwidth adjustments in every call because real-world networks require real-time call optimization.

Enterprise ready

Secure, scalable, and audited. SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant infrastructure, running in ISO 27001 certified data centers.







Optimized for scale

Bigger sessions. More cameras.

More active participants, lower latency, and greater flexibility than any other video and audio platform.

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Median first-hop latency


Active participants

Third-party integrations

Prebuilt your way.

Ready for more participants and active devices than any other provider.

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Powerful analytics

Leverage the most comprehensive suite of support tools, low-level metrics, logging capabilities, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

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Beautiful recordings

Record dynamic, brand-native, high-quality 1080P content. Leverage Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording toolkit.

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Chat, reactions, and breakout rooms

Drive engagement with built-in interactive features, and create your own with Daily’s real-time data messaging APIs.

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Our error rate dropped 89% when we switched to Daily.

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// Who’s a good webRTC...

Smart.vet built their business on Daily Prebuilt with no code.

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/* Time and time again Daily has proven that their engineers are willing to work for us to create great solutions instead of slowing us down with barriers. They’re a true partner. */

Jasheri Metz @ MeetAnyway

CEO and Co-Founder

// Built by developers, for developers

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