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Daily Prebuilt Quick Start

3 Easy Steps to World Class Video


Create your account:

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Create a subdomain

Your subdomain is used to create your meeting links. For example,


Embed the code:

  <script crossorigin src=""></script>
    const callFrame = window.Daily.createFrame();
    callFrame.join({ url: 'DAILY_ROOM_URL' });

Launch your experience:

Paste the code into your HTML file and open it in your browser.Open in browser
You're ready to go!

Make it yours


Every video use-case is unique, so we designed Daily Prebuilt with configurability in mind. Discover the various config properties to perfect your video experience.

Read the docs


Brand colors? You got it. Align Daily Prebuilt to your look and feel by creating a theme object.

Read the docs


Add third-party apps, such as Miro, YouTube or Google Docs, or create your own custom integrations.

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Take a test drive

Ready for a quick demo? Take Daily Prebuilt for a test drive.

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