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WebRTC Video API Workshop

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Hands on Video Workshop: Build a Next Gen Interactive Live Streaming Experience

event Date

February 8, 2023

event time

11:00 am

Join Daily for an exciting event about the future of interactive live video. During the event you’ll get access to exclusive content including:run by WebRTC experts where you’ll have the opportunity to create interactive video experiences that generate a “wow” factor for your end user. We’ll cover how you can easily build an interactive live […]

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Customer stories

Easy EMDR transforms trauma therapy delivery with Daily

Zach Jordan never fathomed that the frustration he felt as a therapy patient would someday lead him to launch a company. Yet he now leads an organization that is improving and expanding access to therapy for patients and changing how therapists deliver care.

On demand events

Hands on workshop: Become a Daily Expert with Prebuilt

Watch a recording of our hands-on workshop where we build with Daily Prebuilt and our developer-facing APIs. Whether you’re a novice developer or a seasoned pro, in our workshop you’ll learn the skills you need to build a functional proof-of-concept app in Daily Prebuilt


WebRTC Call Quality Guide

Our new guide compiles the key building blocks required (and pitfalls to avoid) for creating scalable, high-quality, engaging video experiences. Learn how to build reliable call experiences that work anywhere in the world, on any device.

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Customer stories

How Kumospace scaled events with Daily

Kumospace was founded at the start of the pandemic as companies and individuals started relying more on video to connect. It had to feel “very immersive and human” compared to traditional video calls.