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Interactive Live Streaming Engage 100,000 people at under 200ms

Daily Interactive Live Streaming is the next generation of large video experiences. Up to 100,000 people, with 25 presenters, can meet in real-time with no delay. Build better webinars, live commerce, creator streams, town halls and any large experience.

100,000 video feeds; on-stage when you need them.

Our Global Mesh Network is optimized for scale.

  • 25 cameras on; more options for presenters, panels, and social games
  • 100,000 people in a video call, < 200 ms
  • All participants see and hear in real-time
  • No chat lag; keep the conversation in sync with the video experience

Real engagement with real-time interactions

Get the same impactful interactions in 100,000 experiences as you do in 1:1 calls.

  • Bring viewers and fans to the stage instantly in town halls, events, and creator streams
  • Support live commerce bidding with no delay
  • Let teachers call on students in large calls individually, in real-time
  • Show multiple remote cohosts cameras in webinars and panels

Create engaging recordings with our
Video Component System

Introducing Daily’s Video Component System: a developer-first framework that provides full flexibility to create high production, fully branded layouts

Code once, apply everywhere

Our Video Component System allows you to engineer stunning custom layouts that are consistent across both live and streamed content.

Design for multiple devices

Want to provide different layouts for different devices or platforms? Create multiple layouts for portrait, landscape or whatever suits your end-user best.

Fast, efficient

We don’t use headless browsers to composite your streams, meaning we can support more participants at a lower cost

Restream to millions

Send your Interactive Live Stream over RTMP Output to millions of viewers on other platforms globally. Restream to social networks or your own custom media server.

  • One API call to create an RTMP endpoint
  • Send to any destination over HLS or RTMP
  • Broadcast delayed, but reach millions

The best video experiences run on Daily

Global infrastructure and cross-platform SDKs for WebRTC real-time and recorded video.

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