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Interactive Live Streaming

100,000 real-time active participants. <13ms median first-hop latency.

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Daily Interactive Live Streaming is the next generation of large video experiences.

Host up to 100,000 real-time participants, unlimited presenters, and co-hosts without delays. Build better webinars, live commerce apps, creator streams, town halls, and virtual worlds.

100,000 video feeds, every one of them a co-host

Our Global Mesh Network is optimized for scale

  • No artificial limits on cameras, mics, and track subscriptions. More options for your social spaces, group events, and virtual worlds.
  • 100,000 real-time participants in a video call, <200 ms of latency.
  • Real-time engagement for everyone. No chat lag, no sync issues.

Real engagement with real-time interactions

Interact with 100,000 participants in real-time, just as you do in 1:1 calls.

  • Bring viewers instantly onto the stage in town halls, events, and creator streams.
  • Support live commerce buying, auctions and bidding, and sports betting with no delays.
  • Let teachers call on students in large calls individually, in real-time.
  • Design breakout room experiences, polls, real-time reactions, and other experiences that are only possible with no latency.

Create engaging recordings with our Video Component System

Daily’s Video Component System: a developer-first toolkit for creating beautiful, custom, branded recordings and broadcasts.

Code once, render everywhere

Daily’s Video Component System allows you to engineer stunning custom layouts and event-driven overlays that are consistent across both live and streamed content

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Design for multiple devices

Want to provide different layouts for different devices or platforms? Create multiple layouts for portrait, landscape, or whatever suits your end user best.

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Fast, efficient, cloud native

We don’t use headless browsers to composite your streams. We built our cloud compositing infrastructure from the ground up to guarantee stable frame rates, beautiful output, and friendly pricing.

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Restream to millions

Send your Interactive Live Stream via RTMP or HLS to millions of viewers on multiple platforms. Restream to social networks or your custom media server.


  • One API call to create an RTMP or HLS output stream
  • Send to multiple outputs simultaneously
  • Broadcast your output streams to millions of people around the world on any partner network

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