Video Component System

Daily's cloud recording toolkit

Create exceptional content with programmable, customizable recording and live streaming

Leverage Daily's Video Component System to create recorded content that is as engaging and dynamic as your live video experience.

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Video Component System

Recording modes for every use case

Record in the cloud

Record HD video and audio in MP4 or HLS format. Save your recordings in Daily's Cloud or your own Amazon S3 storage.

Record individual tracks

Save individual video & audio tracks to cloud storage. Configurable for compliance, post-processing, and AI use cases.

Record client-side (local device)

Record and save individual video & audio tracks locally. Ideal for professional and semi-pro production use cases.

Video Component System

Flexible preset layouts

Video Component System

Fully programmable recording

Daily's Video Component System is an easy way to add advanced, cloud-native recording features to your real-time app.

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Create and apply video grids and other custom layouts.

Render animated overlay graphics — like flying emojis, toasts, watermarks, and more.

Customize rendering and layout based on the user's platform and device.

VCS is a video-oriented layout engine based on pure JavaScript functions.

Embed video studio features

VCS offers familiar OBS features: multi-camera, graphics, smooth layout changes, and multiple aspect ratios (portrait, landscape).

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Video studio features visualized on a video grid

Scalable and cost-effective

VCS runs on Daily's cloud infrastructure, managed for you and benefiting from Daily's economies of scale.

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VCS streaming a video meeting to different output formats
Video Component System

A complete cloud recording toolkit

Unlock the full potential of your content with fully dynamic, branded, customized recordings.

Easy to use, API-powered

Control recording and layout options directly in client-side code or using our REST API.

Multiple outputs

Record in multiple formats or with multiple configurations at the same time. Target both portrait and landscape mode. Save a composite and individual tracks.

High definition

Record in 1080p. MP4 output bitrate and HLS bitrate ladders are configurable for unique use cases.

Save individual tracks

Need separate audio and video tracks for each participant? Daily’s raw-tracks recording mode saves the raw audio and video streams, ready to import into your video editing software.


You can specify cloud regions or your own S3 bucket to store your recordings according to your compliance requirements.

Custom layout options

Use one of our four preset layouts or design something unique with Daily’s Video Component System.

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