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The most powerful recording toolkit

Record audio and video streams locally or in the cloud, with a variety of layout and composition tools — all with easy-to-understand and cost-effective pricing.

Recording modes for every use case

Create exceptional content with flexible recording
and compositing options

Record to cloud

Record video calls server-side, stored on Daily Cloud or your own Amazon S3 bucket.

Save track by track

Record and save individual video & audio tracks of one, many or all participants, ready for post-processing.

Record client-side (local device)

Directly save a recordings to your local device as either a WebM or an output byte stream.

Flexible preset layouts

Pick a layout that works best for your content, or shift between them on the fly

Fully custom compositions

Daily’s Video Component System (VCS) is an easy way to add advanced, cloud-native recording features to your real-time app

  • Create and apply video grids and other custom layouts
  • Render animated overlay graphics — like flying emojis, toasts, watermarks, and more
  • Customize rendering and layout based on the user’s platform and device
  • Learn how VCS is a video-oriented layout engine based on pure JavaScript functions.

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Embed video studio features

VCS provides all the features you’re familiar with from OBS and other desktop software. This includes multiple participant cameras, animated graphics, and real-time layout transitions. Additionally, VCS can output multiple resolutions, such as portrait or landscape.

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Scalable, cost effective

Compared to headless browser rendering, VCS is composited on our media servers’ existing pipeline. This means it doesn’t require expensive or hard-to-scale compute instances, so the price remains the same whether you’re using our preset layouts or something entirely custom.

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A fully-featured recording toolset

Easy to use, API powered

You can control your recordings and layout options directly on the client with just one line of code, or remotely using our REST API.

Multiple Instances

Initiate multiple records at the same time across various layout modes. Target portrait, landscape, or something entirely bespoke.

High definition

Stuck at 720P and want to turn your recordings into high quality on-demand content? Specify your target resolution, up to 1080P, across all layout modes.

Save individual tracks

Need the original audio and video tracks for each participant? Use the raw tracks recording mode to analyze or process in your chosen editor.


Specify cloud regions or your own S3 bucket to ensure that your records are kept safe and compliant.

Custom layout options

Use one of our four preset layouts or design something entirely unique with the Video Component System.

The best video experiences run on Daily

Global infrastructure and cross-platform SDKs for WebRTC real-time and recorded video.

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