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Online education transforms learning and improves accessibility. Build your app on Daily’s flexible, cross-platform SDKs and trusted, secure, global infrastructure.

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Maximize learning and engagement

Video quality impacts learning and retention

Daily’s Global Mesh Network and WebRTC-native SDKs deliver the best possible video quality on every network, for every device, everywhere in the world.

  • adaptive bandwidth management
  • smart defaults
  • true simulcast
  • hardware codec support
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Bigger classes, more features

Daily’s flexible APIs enable you to easily build features like hand-raising, breakout rooms, live captions, and audio-only sessions.

Daily’s Global Mesh Network was built from the ground up to power the next generation of WebRTC real-time applications and supports 100,000 active, real-time participants.

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Create beautiful recordings and live streams

Extend the value of your live experience with customizable HD recordings and multi-cast streaming to third-party platforms.

Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording toolkit supports multi-camera inputs, dynamic graphics, animated layout transitions, event-driven text overlays, and more.

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Evolve beyond Zoom

Manage your brand, keep your data private, and give your students and teachers a seamless experience.

Integrate Daily video into your application with just a few lines of code. Or build a completely custom, all with transparent, affordable pricing and enterprise customer support.

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/* I always recommend Daily, especially to other companies in the education space */

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Sasha Varlamov

CEO and Founder, Coding Rooms

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Unlock seamless real-time communication for online learning with Daily


One-on-one support allows for more personalized attention. Daily Prebuilt lets you support instructors and keep students engaged with the highest quality calls: smaller calls are routed via a P2P connection with built-in bandwidth management, for the best possible call quality. Daily Prebuilt lets you integrate a prebuilt call interface into your app in minutes, complete with out-of-the-box features like recording, text chat, HD screen sharing, and more.

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Small groups

Daily Prebuilt makes it easy to support instructors and engage students, letting developers rapidly integrate a polished, intuitive call interface with out-of-the-box features such as text chat, dual screen sharing, three types of recording, and a pre-call lobby. Alternatively, build custom features and integrate other platforms by building with our front-end libraries and REST APIs.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Large classes

Daily supports up to 100,000 person calls with some of the best camera-on support of any platform, all with HD screen sharing and high-quality audio. Our flexible APIs make it easier to build custom call features, such as a “raise your hand” button, breakout rooms, or audio-only rooms.

Which Daily product is right for me?

  • Daily Prebuilt, allows developers to rapidly integrate an intuitive calling interface with prebuilt features such as chat and recording.
  • Our core APIs provide maximum flexibility over audio and video tracks to build custom UI/UX.
  • Daily Live Streaming lets you broadcast calls to live streaming platforms with just one additional line of code.

On-demand & live streaming

With Daily Prebuilt, developers can integrate a polished call interface into their app in minutes — providing an out-of-the-box virtual classroom with high-quality music, intuitive instructor controls, and a pre-call lobby. Alternatively, build on our core APIs to add a “raise your hand” feature, breakout rooms, and more.  All Daily calls support up to 100,000 person calls, with flexible recording options, and robust camera support in HD video.

Our live streaming API adds just one line of code and lets you create a live stream with up to ten camera feeds. Easily broadcast simultaneously to platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live, or record classes for later viewing, locally or in the cloud.

Which Daily product is right for me?

First, build your video call with Daily Prebuilt, or build a custom video layout using our core APIs. Add Daily Live Streaming to stream video calls to other platforms.

Events & recruitment

Promote your campus culture across platforms, recruit international students, and allow prospective students to tour your campus remotely on their computer, tablet, or phone. Daily Prebuilt provides a polished interface with intuitive user controls, along with powerful built-in features like screen sharing, text chat, recording, and a pre-call test screen where users can set up their mic and camera. Alternatively, our core APIs provide maximum developer flexibility over media tracks to build custom UX/UI. All calls are routed through our secure, reliable, global infrastructure, which delivers excellent call quality across devices.

Which Daily product is right for me?

Daily Prebuilt is the quickest way to build, while our core APIs support highly custom UX. Daily Live Streaming lets you stream calls to other platforms with just one additional line of code.

// Daily Prebuilt

Best-in-class features: Daily Prebuilt’s integrations API

  • Whiteboards with Miro or Figma
  • Collaborative document editing with Google Docs or Notion
  • Lesson planning with Trello
  • Co-watch education content via YouTube
Learn about Daily Prebuilt and the Integrations API >
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Developers love Daily

/* Daily will help us expand our TAM by multiples because now we can personalize and customize content during our live language-learning exercises. */

Devon Saliga @ Beepboop


/* From developer experience to call stability, there is no system that even comes close to Daily. */

Sasha Varlamov @ Coding Rooms

CEO and Co-Founder

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