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Better online learning with integrated video

Online education transforms learning and improves accessibility. Build your app on Daily’s flexible, cross-platform SDKs and trusted, secure, global infrastructure.

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Maximize learning and engagement

Video quality impacts learning and retention

Daily's Global Mesh Network and WebRTC-native SDKs deliver the best possible video quality on every network, for every device, everywhere in the world.

  • adaptive bandwidth management
  • smart defaults
  • true simulcast
  • hardware codec support
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Bigger classes, more features

Daily’s flexible APIs enable you to easily build features like hand-raising, breakout rooms, live captions, and audio-only sessions.

Daily’s Global Mesh Network was built from the ground up to power the next generation of WebRTC real-time applications and supports 100,000 active, real-time participants.

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Bigger classes, more features

Create beautiful recordings and live streams

Extend the value of your live experience with customizable HD recordings and multi-cast streaming to third-party platforms.

Daily's Video Component System cloud recording toolkit supports multi-camera inputs, dynamic graphics, animated layout transitions, event-driven text overlays, and more.

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Create beautiful recordings and live streams

Evolve beyond Zoom

Manage your brand, keep your data private, and give your students and teachers a seamless experience.

Integrate Daily video into your application with just a few lines of code. Or build a completely custom, all with transparent, affordable pricing and enterprise customer support.

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Evolve beyond Zoom
From developer experience to call stability, there is no system that even comes close to Daily.
Sasha Varlomov
Sasha VarlomovDirector, Product @ Wiley
Empowering educators

Unlock seamless real-time communication for online learning with Daily

Empowering educators

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