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4 Reasons to Use Daily


Great video quality drives engagement and learning

Deliver the highest quality, lowest latency video to every device on every network. Daily’s global infrastructure and cross-platform SDKs lead the industry, and we have benchmark data to prove it.


Features, features, features

Whether you build one-on-one learning experiences, one-to-many live streams, or social spaces with 100,000 students interacting organically, Daily’s SDKs give you access to the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive video feature set. We offer more features and support more use cases than any other WebRTC platform.


Pricing transparency and true partnership

Daily has always offered transparent, straightforward pricing, and flexibility for unique use cases. We are here to enable your success. We’re customer-focused and pride ourselves on listening to our partners, shipping features you need, and standing behind everything we do.


Live learning and on-demand video with one partner

Daily’s SDKs and infrastructure power both interactive learning experiences and on-demand video. Create branded, dynamic, on-demand content from your live classes with Daily’s Video Component System cloud recording SDK.

The best live education apps run on Daily