Build new, dynamic live streaming experiences.

Create live streams from video calls. Let distributed users host together from anywhere. Stream real-time Q&A, classes, live commerce, and more — now with dynamic graphics and custom layouts.

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Stream real-time chats to any platform
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Live stream video calls with one line of code

Build real-time video chats with 15,000 participants — then add one line of code to stream out to millions.

Step 1

Build a real-time video call with Daily

Daily Prebuilt is a fully working video call UI you can embed in minutes. Or build your own custom call layout.

    <script src=""></script>
      callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
      callFrame.join({ url: '' });
Step 2

Get your streaming account

Add high production values. With VCS beta, you can create custom layouts, dynamic graphics, and more. We also support prebuilt streaming layouts.

Get your streaming key

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Step 3

Start your stream

With one API call, live stream to any RTMP or HLS platform. See the tutorial.

    <script src=""></script>
      callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
      callFrame.on({ url: "joined-meeting" }, () => {
        callFrame.startLiveStreaming({rtmpUrl: "your-rtmp-url"})
      callFrame.join({ url: '' });

Enrich your video experiences

Host together

Your live stream is a video call, where hosts can talk in real-time. No more delayed Q&As, commerce, and more.

More people on stage

Bring any one of 15,000 video call guests up on stage, during your live stream.

Cloud-based production

Create delightful graphics and layouts easily. Learn more about Video Component System (VCS).

Add revenue

Tap into both real-time video call and live streaming revenue opportunities.

Build a video brand

Have a presence across video platforms.

Go on-demand

Stream to a platform that supports on-demand viewing to make content available later as well.

Stream to any platform, in true HD

Stream to a custom player

Live Streaming custom player illustration

You can embed your stream in your own website or app, with platforms like AWS IVS, and Mux. Read our guide to getting started.

Stream to a social platform

Livestream to social networks

Your account starts with 20 concurrent streams.  Just contact us to discuss more.

Get an API key

Features for your video calls

With Daily, you can build video calls, and turn them into live streams. Our APIs makes it easy to build real-time video and audio into any app, with programmatic controls and secure infrastructure. We offer Daily Prebuilt — a fully working video call UI you can embed in minutes — as well as developer flexibility, to build custom UI/UX.

  • Mobile
  • Cross-browser support
  • 4 types of recording
  • HIPAA with BAA
  • Dual screen sharing
  • Live text chat
  • Pre-call lobby
  • Host & moderator controls
  • P2P/SFU smooth switching
  • Bandwidth management
  • Track subscriptions
  • SOC2
  • Enterprise SLAs
  • 15 languages

Try streaming today

Live streaming costs $0.015/min in addition to any call charges, no matter how many participants are on a call. Visit our pricing page, to learn about automatic volume discounts, Startup Program, and more.