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A video SDK built by developers for developers

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// Create the call client
let call = DailyIframe.createCallObject(); 

// Then, join the call!
call.join({url: "https://YOU.daily.co/ROOM"});
// Create the call client
let call = CallClient()
// Then, join the call!
  url: URL(string: "https://YOU.daily.co/ROOM")!)
// Create the call client
val call = CallClient(applicationContext)
// Then, join the call!
launch {
  call.join(url = "https://YOU.daily.co/ROOM")

Our SDKs give you flexibility, scalability, and control for real-time video, live streaming, and recording.

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// Scalable, flexible, reliable, secure

SDKs that do more on more platforms

Cross-platform video SDKs


Compatible with any front-end framework (including Electron)

React Native

Share code between Web and React Native apps


Swift APIs built on top of Daily's flexible, cross-platform Rust core


Kotlin APIs built on top of Daily’s flexible, cross-platform Rust core


Build cross-platform video and audio UIs with our Flutter library in beta

Everything else

Component libraries, custom SDK builds for AI use cases and embedded hardware, and more

Optimized for scale

Bigger sessions. More cameras.

More participants and more interactivity than any other provider.

Learn more about call sizes ›

Median first-hop latency


Real-time active participants

Unbeatable performance

Fast, secure, and reliable infrastructure

Daily’s Global Mesh Network powers the next generation of video-first experiences.

Read about our infrastructure ›

Powerful analytics

Customer support tools, detailed metrics and logging, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

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Cross-platform WebRTC, powered by Rust

Our SDKs are built on a common Rust core, enabling rapid cross-platform updates and ensuring developers enjoy a seamless, consistent experience.

Read more about Daily Core ›

Features for every use case

The next generation of WebRTC—custom tracks, multi-cast, simulcast, adaptive video codecs, RTMP, media ingest, real-time transcription …

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Record, composite, stream

Daily provides flexible recording options, including a full-featured real-time compositing toolkit for production-studio-in-the-cloud use cases.

Recording and live-streaming resources ›
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// Your mobile experience just got better

Super-powered native iOS, now with Daily Adaptive HEVC

On iOS, Daily can send simultaneous hardware-encoded HEVC (H.265) and H.264 encodings, delivering the best possible video quality for each client’s available bandwidth.

  • Unmatched video performance and power consumption
  • Cross-platform compatibility for devices that do not support HEVC
  • Smoother, higher fidelity video on real-world networks
  • Real-time latency, powered by Daily’s Global Mesh Network
// Built by developers for developers

Discover how real-time media is redefining the web.

/* With Daily, the strongest selling point for me is that we rarely have to touch the AV code. That's the ideal AV experience. You get it in, it works, and then you focus on what makes your product unique. */

Michael Nguyen @ Kumospace

Senior Engineer

/* The pace of Daily's product development is incredible. Every month there’s some new helpful feature, whether it’s improved recordings or increased scale. Whenever we think we might want to do x or y, all of sudden Daily adds that feature or support for it. It really feels like Daily grows with us. */

Ari Borensztein @ Playback


/* People who said they wouldn’t use our product because of bad conferencing came back and subscribed. From developer experience to call stability, there is no system that even comes close to Daily. */

Sasha Varlomov @ Coding Rooms

CEO and Co-Founder

/* Daily understood what we were trying to do, and just wanted to help, which is exactly what we needed [them] to do at the time: remove friction so our team could go build. */

Darren Buckner @ Workfrom

CEO and Founder

/* The documentation was super clear and thorough. It’s one of the main reasons we decided to partner with Daily. */

Mike Galanos @ Focusmate


Discover Prebuilt

Daily Prebuilt—Get incredible power without the build.

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