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Our SDKs give you flexibility, scalability, and control for real-time video, live streaming, and recording.

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SDKs that do more on more platforms

React Native
Everything else
Custom SDK builds for AI use cases and embedded hardware, and more

Python SDK

The Daily client SDK for Python allows you to build video and audio calling into your native desktop and server applications.

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Daily React

Focus more on customizing and developing your React real-time video and audio app and reduce time spent on client optimization, state synchronization, and event handling.

Cross-platform WebRTC, powered by Rust

Our SDKs are built on a common Rust core, enabling rapid cross-platform updates and ensuring developers enjoy a seamless, consistent experience.

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Optimized for scale

Bigger sessions. More cameras.

More participants and more interactivity than any other provider.

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Real-time active participants


Median first-hop latency

Unbeatable performance

Fast, secure, and reliable infrastructure.

Daily's Global Mesh Network powers the next generation of video-first experiences.

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Powerful analytics

Customer support tools, detailed metrics and logging, and data integrations with enterprise BI platforms.

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Features for every use-case

The next generation of WebRTC—custom tracks, multi-cast, simulcast, adaptive video codecs, RTMP, media ingest, real-time transcription and more.

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Record, composite, stream

Daily provides flexible recording options, including a full-featured real-time compositing toolkit for production-studio-in-the-cloud use cases.

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Your mobile experience just got better

Super-powered native iOS, now with Daily Adaptive HEVC

On iOS, Daily can send simultaneous hardware-encoded HEVC (H.265) and H.264 encodings, delivering the best possible video quality for each client's available bandwidth.

Unmatched video performance and power consumption
Cross-platform compatibility for devices that do not support HEVC
Smoother, higher fidelity video on real-world networks
Real-time latency, powered by Daily's Global Mesh Network
Built by developers for developers

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Daily is a W3C WebRTC Working Group member, and we contribute to several open-source projects, including Mediasoup and GStreamer.

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Daily Prebuilt — incredible power without the build.

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