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Transform your social, gaming, and co-watching experiences with integrated video, voice, and messaging.

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Pictures are worth 1000 words, videos are priceless.

Optimized for performance

Unleash real-time video and audio tuned for performance on every platform. Daily's native mobile SDKs are based on a common Rust core built from the ground up to use CPU resources efficiently. Daily's web SDKs deliver the industry's best WebRTC cross-browser performance.

Video that works on every device, every platform, and every network connection.

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Optimized for performance

Bigger games, more features

Daily's flexible APIs enable you to easily build features like custom media processing, real-time bidding, virtual gifting, and audio-only sessions.

Daily's Global Mesh Network was built from the ground up to power the next generation of WebRTC real-time applications and supports 100,000 active, real-time participants.

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Ship integrated video in hours

Leverage Daily's uniquely powerful Video Component System to produce high-quality recordings and external live streams.

  • Multi-cast to channels like Instagram, YouTube and Facebook Live
  • Include animations and dynamic elements in streams and recordings
  • Record and stream in both landscape and portrait modes simultaneously
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Ship integrated video in hours

Advanced analytics

Daily gives you the industry's best analytics and customer support tools:

  • understand your users, usage, and app performance
  • integrate with enterprise BI platforms
  • provide real-time customer support

Our dashboards and data APIs are designed by engineers who wrote the WebRTC specification and pioneered WebRTC monitoring and devops.

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Advanced Analytics
Built for play

Better performance, more use cases

Multiplayer online gaming
Virtual & augmented reality
In-game voice chat
Mobile gaming
Creator live streaming
Gaming Community

Grow a community, grow an audience

Daily ILS: Revolutionizing interactive live streaming.

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