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Why Developers are Using Daily as a Twilio Alternative

Support 1,000 active participants and up to 100,000 person real-time interactive calls. We also give you more features for your use case.

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person calls, 25 publishers


participants all with cams and mics on

Why choose Daily

Go with the platform that invests in video. You can see the difference in our high quality docs, responsive developer
support, and API and feature support.

Speed of development

Prototype in minutes, not days. Sample code and templates for spatial audio, breakout rooms, audio and more use cases. Visit our developer guides.

Prebuilt out-of-the-box

Add powerful video calls — in minutes — to any product with Daily Prebuilt. Get 15,000 person calls, chat, recording, and more in a robust UI embed.

Large sessions support

We handle everything under the hood for video calls of all sizes to ensure high-quality delivery across networks, bandwidth constraints and devices.

Automatic volume 

Pay-as-you-go pricing made for developers and priced to scale. 10,000 free minutes, automatic volume discounts, and no credit card required to get started.

Daily is best-in-class for video

Max. participants per call 50 100,000
Max. cameras and mics on per call 50 1,000
Max. concurrent room participants 10,000 Unlimited
Full HD recording No Yes
RTMP output for livestreams No Yes
HIPAA UI embed No $200 add-on
Automatic p2p/SFU switching No Yes
Fully supported prebuilt UI No Yes
Group video call $0.004
per participant minute
+ automatic volume discounts
Peer-to-peer $0.001
per participant minute
automatic volume discounts
Recording $0.0015
per participant minute
per recording minute
Compositing $0.004
per participant minute
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Support Only email support
Free support
Email and chat

When we switched from Twilio to Daily, we saw the percentage of complaints about video quality and stability go down by at least 50%.

Nate Wildermuth, Software Engineer at Rally video

With Daily’s APIs you can

<script src=""></script>
    callFrame = window.DailyIframe.createFrame();
    callFrame.join({ url: '' });
val call = CallClient(applicationContext)
call.addListener(object: CallClientListener {
    override fun onParticipantJoined(participant: Participant) {
    Log.d(TAG, "Participant ${} joined the call on Android!")
call.addListener(object: CallClientListener {
    override fun onCallStateUpdated(state: CallState) {
const call = DailyIframe.createCallObject();
await call.setNetworkTopology({ topology: 'sfu' });
await call.setNetworkTopology({ topology: 'peer' });
curl --request POST \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer TOKEN' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{"properties": {"enable_mesh_sfu":true,"enable_terse_logging":true,"enable_hidden_participants":true,"owner_only_broadcast":true,"experimental_optimize_large_calls":true}}'
const call = DailyIframe.createCallObject();
const roomURL = 'DAILY_ROOM_URL';
const token = 'DAILY_MEETING_TOKEN';
const rtmpURL = 'RTMP_URL';

await call.join({
    url: roomURL,

callFrame.startLiveStreaming({ rtmpUrl });
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