The next generation of WebRTC

Features to help you build faster

APIs meticulously crafted to help with real world use-cases and designed to make it easier and more efficient for developers.

Global Mesh Network

Deliver real-time video and audio at the highest possible quality, with infrastructure that scales horizontally and geographically, with media servers in 10 geographic regions and 30 availability zones. This delivers a "first hop" network latency of 13ms or less for 5 billion people.

Real-time at scale, more cameras on

Up to 100,000 active participants can join a real-time session. Our Interactive Live Streams support real-time video for all 100,000 participants, without chat lag or streaming delay.

Security, compliance, encryption

Daily protects your data with true end-to-end encryption and serverless peer-to-peer modes. Our compliance adherence includes SOC2-Type 2, GDPR (EU-US Data Privacy Framework; Swiss-US Data Privacy Framework; UK Bridge) and HIPAA enablement. Contact sales to learn more about Advanced Firewall Control.


Daily’s APIs provide easy integration with innovative AI platforms (such as OpenAI). Daily also supports real-time transcription, background blur, and Krisp noise cancellation.


Daily has up to 4 kinds of recording modes — raw tracks, local recording, cloud, and output-byte-stream.

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Compositing & streaming

Daily Video Component System is the industry’s most advanced cloud-native toolkit. It lets developers build animated graphics, custom layouts, and event-driven components into multi-party live streams and recorded content.

REST API & webhooks

Integrate, moderate and monitor your sessions via REST and webhooks, including real-time presence, remote data messaging and call logging.

Call quality analytics

Daily standard (free) offerings include client event logs, low level data via REST and dashboard analytics and visualizations with packet loss, bitrate and more. Contact sales to learn about our Advanced Analytics offering for enterprise, with expanded visualizations and custom reporting with real-time templates using Looker.

Dial in / Dial out

SIP/PSTN support allows end users to connect by dialing a phone number.

Mobile, with Daily Adaptive HEVC

Daily provides different ways to build for you mobile users, including mobile web, React Native, Flutter, and native mobile (iOS and Android). Our industry-leading Daily Adaptive HEVC provides all the benefits of HEVC while preserving essential cross-platform support.

Track subscriptions

Full control over which audio and video tracks a participant sends or receives. Daily’s track subscription API allows you to manage call performance in busy rooms and build features like breakout rooms.

Simulcast & 
bandwidth management

Optimize call performance using custom encoder settings, such as bitrates, resolution, and frame rate. Monitor real-time network and CPU events to craft adaptive client UIs that excel regardless of network conditions.

Data messaging

Daily’s integrated messaging layer facilitates real-time data exchange between clients, empowering dynamic, interactive UI experiences.

Permissions & roles

Co-host with your viewers by turning them from passive participants to active publishers, allowing them to enable their camera and mics in the moment.

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Introducing Daily Adaptive Bitrate
Thu Apr 25 2024
Introducing Daily Adaptive Bitrate

Unlock enhanced video quality and performance with Daily Adaptive Bitrate, combining ultra-reliable calls and the best visual experience your network can offer—automatically adjusting in real-time to suit fluctuating network conditions.

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