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TalkJS is a chat API with a pre-built UI that helps product teams ship a chat feature in minutes, not months. It makes it effortless to build chat for pretty much any use case.

You can integrate TalkJS with a few lines of code. Just tell us which conversation to display, who’s chatting, and where to show it on the page. We take care of the rest! And if you want a deeper integration, we have all the APIs you’ll need to add functionality or integrate into your systems. You can also deeply customize the pre-built chat UI with HTML and CSS.

TalkJS works great for web and native mobile. You can turn any <div> into a real-time inbox and move faster with ready-made components for React Native and widgets for Flutter.




TalkJS is a flexible Chat API with a Pre-built UI. You can build any chat use case into your product — in minutes — with just a few lines of code.

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