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This week on API Intersection, we welcomed Varun Singh, Chief Product & Technology Officer of the Daily. Daily is a company that powers real-time audio and video for millions of people globally. Their user base consists of many developers who use their APIs and client SDKs to build audio and video features into applications.

We delved into the significance of APIs in the video streaming industry and the crucial design considerations when integrating with such systems. Varun shed light on the challenges that APIs address in the video industry, such as achieving low latency in live streaming and real-time communications and efficiently managing multiple streams while ensuring a seamless user experience, especially when scaling to accommodate large numbers of participants.

“Previously, video streaming was primarily focused on platforms like Netflix and YouTube. However, with the pandemic, real-time video communications have become more prevalent due to the surge in video calls, which means more and more APIs being created to support that,” shares Varun.

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