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What is a video chat app?

A video chat app is an application that includes real-time video and audio features. Video chat (video call) apps allow two or more people to communicate using the cameras, microphones, and screens of their computers and mobile devices.

The growth of video has impacted most of the things that all of us use our digital devices and Internet connections for every day. More than 2 billion people use video and audio chat each month inside Google Chrome, and many more use applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, and Facetime for video and audio communication.

Increasingly, video and audio are built directly into domain-specifics apps for use cases like telehealth, education, and customer support. And in 2023 we are seeing massive growth in real-time video for live commerce, games, and social entertainment.

Software engineers can now use full-stack video platforms like Daily to build video chat into any application with just a few lines of code. Using a full-stack video platform handles scaling, global distribution, analytics, and many compliance and regulatory requirements, freeing application developers to focus on their core requirements and unique capabilities.

Most real-time video in apps today is implemented on top of the WebRTC standard, which is built into web browsers and widely supported on mobile devices, too.

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